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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ephemera, May 18, 2006.

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    The past 1.5 weeks have been incredibly stressful here at the house. We've had workers doing much needed repairs on our 75+ year old stucco & sidewalks. Just getting up 4-5 hours earlier than I ususally get up is sending me through the roof, literally. I had a migraine last week, but so far nothing this week.

    This week I've upped my medication levels to try & deal with the noise & vibrations & confusion. I'm also using the heating pad, resting in the recliner in the evenings & not trying to do much in terms of dinner preparation beyond take outs. Thankfully, all the work is being done outside of the house.

    Unfortunately, it falls on my shoulders to be here during the day & I've been suffering, especially due to the electric saw & drill. Even the constant hammering & noise from the generator isn't as bad as the sympathetic vibrations I feel in my arms & legs. (Just like the reaction I get when I'm near a train.) I've been wearing old lose & soft clothes that don't grate on my skin.

    Alas, it looks like the project will last until the end of next week. Aside from hoping for rain, there's not much I can do except wear my dark sunglasses, ear plugs & noise reducing ear phones.

    Has anyone experienced flares or lingering problems from construction close by? I had a bad 2 week spell after roofers finished across the street last year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed about this experience which has really gone on too long for me!
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    We paid our house off and it needs a lot of updating so we will be contracting it out for drywall, painting, demolition of sunporch and bathroom, tile work, hardwood floors to be installed, new carpet installed in the bedrooms and wall paper in kitchen and new counter tops in kitchen and bathrooms. I will be takin off work while the work is being done because first of all I don't allow anyone in my house that I don't know and there are too many criminals out there that case places to come back and steal. We own our business so this allows me to stay home while the work is being done. I dread the noise level, the torn up house and we will be renting one of those pods to store furniture in while the hardwood floors are being laid. My main problem is that usually your workers don't show up on time and or don't show at all and this sends me through the roof and makes my Fibro worse from the stress.

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    Wow! You're really brave to have this much work done while living in your house and sick to boot. If there's ANY way to remove yourself for a portion of the day for a rest, I hope you'll do it. Same with all of you. I'm not sure we can handle this much chaos in our lives without buffering it with some absence. Anything that jangles our nerves exascerbates our symptoms.

    I speak from experience. Don't be a martyr. Think creatively for a solution. Perhaps a friend or relative could switch houses with you for the duration.... a very good friend who works away from home during the day.