problems with bladder and bowel

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  1. i havent had the normal sensations in my legs that i was born with ,since waking up in agony after having a total hysterectomy operation in 1995
    i cant tell the difference between walking on a carpeted floor,or a cold wooden/concrete floor.i just dont feel anything.
    anyway as the years progressed i started having problems with constipation, and i couldnt hold my water.some days id wet myself without any warning that my bladder needed to empty.and id also have days when id suffer from anal leakage.
    i became house bound,and had to wear incontinence pads every day.then this perticular day the nurse was visiting me at home and i told her about my problems,and how im always itching in the lady region.she did a test that ruled out any bladder infection.and she did a bladder scan that showed my bladder was full up,yet i got no sensation that it needed to be emptied.
    the nurse told me that what she thinks is happening is..because im a fibromyalgia sufferer,my nerve endings have died off and my bladder and bowel arent able to tell my brain that they need to be emptied.and because the bladder is full to over flowing,its causing the irritation in my lady region.
    she advised me to have something in view to focus on and every time i catch myself looking at this thing,im to tell myself ....oohh ill go to the toilet and see if my bowel or bladder need to empty.
    so this is how i help myself to keep things working properly,and the itching has gone away.
    i stuck a sticky back picture on my mirror,and everytime i catch myself gazing at this picture,i take myself off to the toilet.
    i just thought id let you know about what happens to me,incase any of you suffer from the same thing.its scary not getting messages from my organs that they need to be emptied,but im able to at least cope.trouble is..will i remember to look at the sticky picture? will i remember what its supposed to mean to me? haha .im just about coping

    all the best
    fran xx
  2. thanks so much for replying to my post its lovely to chat with you both.
    i havent been offered a mri scan.the reason being that all the doctors at the hospital,and my own GP keep saying to me,,oohh theres no need for a mri scan,we already know what your problem is,fibro and ME.
    ive always thought there might be more to this bowel/bladder thing than just fibro/ME,because eveyone ive ever been in touch with on the internet keeps telling me..oohh fibro/ME hasnt given me the same symptoms that you have fran.and as we all know that once we are diagnosed with fibromyalgia,the medical people then go on to blame everything else on the fibro dont they.
    nevermind,im coping as best i can.but thank you so much for your advice i really appreciate it.

    take care
    xx fran