Problems with Disability Lawyers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cyndi40, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Cyndi40

    Cyndi40 New Member

    Hope this finds all feeling good today... that would be my wish for us all who deal with this crazy awful mess we deal with every second of every day. Only knowing that God is with me keeps me sane. Thought I'd say that first to say that I'm not normally an angry, mean person so that no one will think that I'm being mean about what I'm fixing to type next...

    Ok, so I'm going to vent here. I guess it's just been building up and now I feel like I might explode. I know different lawyers deal with things differently. I retained a well-known (or,I thought) professional group. I won't name names here as I figure it's against the law to do so anyway, but I'm feeling like I never get anywhere with these people. I know it's a long drawn out process no matter how wonderful your attorney is, but to advertise, nationally even, how great they are and then to act unprofessionally, like I'm bothering them just to ask a question (keep in mind that I rarely call them), among other things, well I'm a little annoyed at the moment. I can't help but wonder if they aren't dragging their feet so that they will end up with a much larger percentage in their pockets when it's all said and done. I have waited now for about 2 1/2 years. Having said all that, I was told the past couple times I've called that the appeal (as I was denied like most everyone else the first time) is in process, but that instead of scheduling me a date in court, that my file had enough medical documentation that it passed straight on through to the judge and he is reviewing it. Now, from what I understand, this could be a good thing, you know, in my favor... I just don't know what on earth to do in the meantime :( I know many feel the same way... it's just so frustrating!! to say the least.

    Also, the other thing that really bugs me about this group of lawyers is that I found out they have no email... COME ON NOW!!! They have like 8 branches of offices (I think) and no email addy's???? I am not sure I buy that for one minute. I was thinking seriously of changing to another lawyer, but it's so far into it now that I don't know if I should do that or not. Now I have another medical problem that is probably even worse than the FM/CFS (just found out that my heart is sick :() Has anyone dealt with well-known lawyers/groups before or have most of you gone with someone local?? And has anyone ever changed to another lawyer and if so, did it slow things down?? I'm just so upset today... I feel like I'm constantly getting the run around and the people who work for them, well, there are many who speak bad english and I can hardly understand them... so the main attorney that I talk to is rarely available... grrrrrrrr I'm sorry for being a baby and griping as I'm sure everyone feels this way at times, I just don't get what is so hard about helping us out when we need it??? I mean, I worked all my life until I got sick... I paid my taxes... I did what I thought was right... and it seems like I can't get anywhere and all this stress makes it hard to feel better physically, if you know what I mean...

    If you made it this far, thanks for reading my tyrant (sp?)... God bless you all and hopefully you are having relief in pain today...

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    I think the best route to go is to get a referral from someone else. Barring that, I would go local; I think I would be suspicious of firms that advertise nationally. Even, if they are good, they likely have more business than they can handle efficiently.

  3. 1sweetie

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    Are you filing for social security, long term disability from a self owned policy, or from a former employer?
  4. Cyndi40

    Cyndi40 New Member

    I just got off the phone with the attorney who was very intimidating, he butted in during the entire conversation making me feel like a total idiot... I reminded him that not only he (an attorney!) but his case worker (a lady I could barely understand) had told me that my case was already with the federal judge and had bypassed an appeal appointment... I was told by many that was a good sign...

    GUESS WHAT?!?!?! He denied it!!!! I AM NOT BELIEVING THIS!! He said they never told me that and it could still take a very long time... he even went on to make a snide remark about the judge that is going to reside over my case at a hearing (whenever that may be GRR!) and I couldn't believe what he said about the judge!! It was very disrespectful and if you guys want to know what he said about the judge, I'll be glad to share it. At this point, I wish I could name the name of their firm, but I just don't want to do anything on this site that might cause me problems... I'd rather others know what kind of stuff one goes through with certain groups so they go to someone else and not waste all this time. I'm literally ready to scream or cry :( He intimidated me so badly that I almost broke down on him and I told him that I was nervous and I NEVER had confrontations, that I'm easy to get along with, but good grief!!!!!! Sorry, y'all... I just had to vent... no one knows this pain or emotional distress that I'm going through but you all (and I hate you have to go through this mess as well :( ) God help us all, that's all I know to say right now...

    Going to go try to rest and get calmed down for a bit... thanks for the replies, you guys... I will have to answer that question or two later, I'm really upset right now :( If you pray, please pray that I can get calmed down. My heart is sick, it's really not well and all I need is a heart attack right now :(
  5. paige51

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    My lawyer was not at my hearing ,instead his associate was there. She was not a lawyer but did the best that she could. He had not informed the judge over the hearing that he would not be there.

    That should have been a red light for me right there. i do not have a good feeling about the hearing. We were just there, that is all.

    His associate said that if we lost, our next stop would be the council of appeals. They work along side the alj so what difference would it make?

    I guess she had the same feeling that I had. See you in court.

  6. suzetal

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    Well I had my court date and did not feel right never meeting them.

    I called and was told I would meet the attorney 15 minutes before my hearing .I said you must be jocking.How can you really know anything about me .

    I called a local firm 6 weeks before my hearing.They took my case.I called and fired the other firm.

    My new lawyer said that I did not have to worry about paying them .They by law divide what they get with the old firm.That upset me a bit because everything they had in there files is what I sent them .They did nothing except get me a hearing date.

    Well it over now .I won my case .Got a bench approval..

    Hope this helps you.


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