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    I am having trouble with my family doctor. She diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, and I also have DDD. But she seems reluctant to go any further in my treatment. I feel like I need new MRI tests all parts of my spine, cervical, thoratic, and lumbar. I feel like I need different medicine, stronger medicine, I have anxiety that needs to be addressed. So I like this doctor, and she's been good to me, but now she wants me to see a pain doctor, but has never made the recommendation. She agrees with the MRI's, but hasn't scheduled them!!!!! What's goin on or am I imagining this? Dang! LOL I hate laugh, but what else can I do?
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    Hi queeniemom~~

    I too have been having some problems with my family Dr., but it turns out to be that since I now have so many issues with the Fibromyalia and many other health issues, he feels I also should see a pain management Dr. so he can address further meds for me. Maybe thats the reason your Dr. is doing this for you?

    My Dr. is fantastic also, but since the neuro-surgeon who did my surgery a couple of months ago, and agreed that my pain issues were many, my Dr. decided he couldn't do alot more than what he has, and also it is very time consuming for him to address all my pain problems. So, instead of wasting all his time on pain medications for me, he thought it best to see a specialist where he knows more about pain than he does. So, in the long run, this might be the best route for you.

    So, in the long run, she could be doing you a favor by suggesting a pain management Dr. who knows whats best for stronger pain meds for you than she could help you with. Just a thought though on my part.

    I hope everything works out for you and you get what works for you for your pain.
    Good luck and I wish you well,
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    Your family doc may seen reluctant to go any further in your treatment now because you are asking for too much at once!

    For example, if you have had MRIs recently to diagnose your DDD (arthritis), you may not really need "new" MRIs on all parts of your spine. She may feel that ordering thousands of dollars worth of more tests is a waste of money at this time.

    She may also be weary of ordering a different, stronger medicine now BECAUSE of your anxiety problems that need to be addressed now. Maybe that is also why she hasn't recommended a pain management doc yet.

    On your next visit to your family doc, why not make you a list of what you want to talk with her about.

    #1 - Tell her you have REAL anxiety problems that MUST BE address NOW. (Maybe after your anxiety issued are under control, your pain may not be as bad -- ask her this, and she will probably agree!)

    #2 - Before you go to a pain doc, ask her if you should be consulting a Rheumatologist for your fibro and your arthritis in your spine (DDD).

    #3 - Ask her opinion if Cymbalta, and Neurotin or Lyrica, would be appropriate treatment for your pain. (She may disagree witht he Cymbalta now due to your anxiety meds that may be needed.)

    #4 - Ask her if your insurance covers a Sleep Study. If so, she may want you to have one due to the fact that sleep disorders is one of the main problems of fibro. A lot of fibro patients have benefitted from sleep studies. (I have for one--I found out that I had obstructive sleep apnea--I now sleep with a CPAP machine and oxygen, which really help!)

    Are you considering exercise as a part of your fibro treatment? Walking will help. If you can build up to 30 min. would help. Warm water aerobic classes REALLY help! That is what I always liked the best.

    Just wanted to offer a few words for you to consider .....

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    Make a list of all of these things that you want addressed and then make an appointment and go in and talk to her about all of it. Don't let her off the hook either. Don't let her put any of it off until later. Have her give you a pain doctor to go to and schedule the MRI's and address the anxiety situation and start on treating that.

    All of these things are important for you. She may be busy or whatever the case may be and may just need you to sit her down and get it all done. It may be ok with her to put it off but not for you and she needs to see how important this is to you.

    Don't back down. Get to the bottom of why she hasn't made any progress on this stuff.

    Good Luck! I hope you get all that you need taken care of.

    Take Care,
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    Sorry you feel you are having problems with you physician and since you like her it really may not be a problem.

    You see physicians are not allowed to just order a test because a patient wants it done there has to be medical necessity to back it up -- in other words proof of need for the test or insurance or medicare or whatever is not going to pay for it.

    I do not know you insurance situation but if it is like medicare or most insurances and you have recently had an MRI I doubt if they will approve another so close to the last one.

    If your DDD was confirmed by x-ray -- which is the most common diagnostic test for DDD -- there probably isn't any need to do an MRI (of course that decision is up to the physician) but she still has to show medical necessity.

    OK now if any of that made sense...LOL

    Why not just ask your physician -- they're just people after all and I am sure she will answer you.

    Best of luck to you,

    Karen :)
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    Until I went to a physiatrist who is a pain management doctor, I never was given adequate pain relief. If a doctor is not a pain management doctor, he or she does not have the leeway to prescribe the drugs that are sometimes needed to keep one's pain under control.

    I have had a diagnosis of FMS for over 15 years and DDD for 30 years. After suffering for many years with just a few Vicodin a day I finally found a great doctor who doesn't mind trying many different modalities for pain relief.

    For me, the duragesic patch plus breakthrough narcotics - we switch back and forth between oxycodone (pain med in Percocet) and Dilaudid. I do not abuse them, nor do I get high from them. I am soooo grateful though for good pain relief so that I don't "get beside" myself with pain and start feeling hopeless and depressed. Pain can do that to me.

    I am older so that is probably part of the reason that I don't have all of the stigma of "getting high" attached to asking for what I need. Plus my doctor is a compassionate person who seems to understand that pain relief is very necessary.

    He also suggests many natural remedies, plus epidurals (they are helping a pinched nerve now that made me gimp around and generally made life pretty aggravating) He has given me Botox for migraine headaches which is the only thing that helped.

    I've been pretty stubborn about my pursuit of pain relief and it has paid off in the last two years. I am so grateful that there is actually some help out there. It makes life much more enjoyable.

    Best of luck in finding a compassionate pain doctor.

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    WOW! Thanks for your replies. I appreciate them. Well, she did order the new mri, and is supposed to be sending me to a pain dr. It's really hard to admit that I need more pain relief, it makes me feel old, and also it makes me realize that my fibro is a big factor. Well, I just wish I could be 20 yrs old and in great health again!! LOL But that'll never happen. Best wishes to everyone!!!!!