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    To say the least! Anyone else ? I have seen eye doctors and a neuro- optimo . They say I have photophobia. It could just happen for no reason. One doctor thinks it could be related to my Fibro because he thinks my eye muscles are spasming. Lots of money spent lots of doctors , no cure. Just wondering if any one has any help getting rid of this. If you don't have it I hope you don't get it. Thanks!!
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    I also have light sensitivity. I found out recently that the cause of my illness (FM for 21 years)is the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi (lyme) and associated tick borne coinfections, of which light sensitivity is a symptom, as well as muscle spasms.

    Here's some excellent info..symptom list pages 9-11.....
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    Photophobia is one of the symptoms of ME but I don't recall seeing it on the list for FMS symptoms. That doesn't mean much though as FMS affects every part of the body as well. I wear sunglasses whenever I have to emerge out of my "cave" aka The Darkened Bedroom.

    People visit? I've got shades on inside the house- Yes.

    It's interesting to hear that the muscles of your eyes are spasming. I've never heard that before but I'm not surprised.
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