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    Anyone else suffer weak eye muscles? I had sudden onset of dizziness and blurred vision at the beginning of the year, had to stop going out for a while, now i cant read without feeling sick. Been to opthalmologist, i have sutural cataracts, and eye muscle weakness, meaning i have double vision from about just over a metre. Ive been given eye exercises but its making me feel sick and doesnt seem to be getting better just making me feel ill. I'll perservere.
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    Hi Ameilie - That sounds rough, I'm sorry you're going through that. Have you started any new drugs lately? or checked the ones you are taking for possible side effects?

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    It could be ocular myasthenia gravis, my father has it, its a rare autoimmune disease, few doctors know how to diagnosis it. You would need to see a good neurologist. Medication can help. Good luck!!
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    Wow thanks for the info