problems with glucose levels-anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Donna39, Sep 18, 2003.

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    I am not a diabetic or at least thats what the test showed.
    But I have all the symptoms sometimes.I will start feeling so sleepy,dry,dry,dry mouth and mental confusion.It really scares the daylights out of me.It usually happens after alot of stress.I have read about hormone imbalnces that can mimic the symptoms of low glucose ot high.When you are stressed the body releases the hormone-epinephine(spell check). A large surge of this hormone causes a change in your glucose levels.Does anyone experience this? I would love to hear if anyone has any suggestions on how to handle this PlEASE..
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    Donna I have both hypoglycemia and diabetes a very weird combination since they are opposites. I was just curious what test you did. I was told they tested my sugar when they did a CBC even when I was admitted to the hospital they told me I didnt have a sugar problem either. I later found out almost a year later after symptoms persisted and having a Glucose Tolerance Test, which you need a 5 hour one to pick up on hypoglycemia that I had both. I had a weekend where I felt horrible shaking weak and so sick and then I just happened to eat the right thing and felt fine. So, I went out and bought my own test kit(they are only like 15 dollars at the drug store) and whenever I didnt feel quite right I tested my sugar and brought the results to my doctors. They knew right away something was wrong and sent me for the GTT. They were expecting hypoglycemia which can make you feel awful!! but the Diabetes showed up also. So, Good Luck and if you feel better after you eat or after you eat certain things it's worth pursueing. I am on a low carb, high protein diets and I feel sooooooo much better!!!!