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    I have just been diagnosed with Firo I knew I have had CFS
    I have a few questions if anyone can spare the time to read this I would appreciate it.

    1.Is it common to have problem with medication I just can't seem to find a medication that agrees with me I am seeing a psycitrist as my panic attacks have been terrible
    he has put me on Remeron I am on day 2 just feel terrible
    should I continue using these perhaps the side efects might wear off.

    2.I feel as though my condition has got worse over the last two years will it get better.

    3.Are ani viral medications worth looking at?
    thankyou for taking the time to read this
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    i to have a hard time w/ meds. please call the DR in the morn. and tell them how you feel. it took me over 2 years to just find the right meds i could take w/ each other. but it wont make your pain go away to let you know, just so we dont jump. sorry im so neg. GOD BLESS_ BLKKAT
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    Are you asking about "mediation" for disability or "medications"

    I have fibro and CFS and most medications don't agree with me, plus I am really sensitive to them. The smallest doses make me sick or over-medicate me.

    I have problems sleeping, then too sleepy the next day. I suggest you carefully read the side effects of all meds before taking them.

    ALL meds have side effects and you have to decide if the positive outweighs the side effects. It is very hard. Personally, I would like to stop all meds if possible but I am not sure I can.

    I read it takes "weeks" to adjust to Remeron. I don't know how bad your side effects are - on the internet it says if you have "flu like" symptoms you should tell your doctor.

    You should read all the side effects and talk to your doctor. He may decide to have you stop it. Remeron could also be interacting with something else you take. You might also consider calling and discussing this med with your pharmacist. I have found them to be very helpful in the past.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. If your major problem is panic attacks, I also read Zoloft helps that. Also, what about Xanax?