? problems with OLE and other herbal remedies

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    Having spent the best part of the last 5 years with my brain even more glued up then ever, I forgot about possible explanations for the problems I had with with remedies like OLE, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extrect +++. I tried them all. They really hurt my stomach, and then made me feel very ill and a lot worse, but this was not the same as herxing or a healing crisis, I've had plenty of experiences with these.

    Well today the penny finally dropped.


    Can't take aspirin, react to many of the high salicylate foods and of course herbs are high in them too.

    Perhaps this is contributing to stomach pain, goodness talk about sloooooow to work things out.

    The guai treatment also requires a low sal diet so there's plenty of info on what to avoid. I'm chemically sensitive too so more likely to have a problem with these.

    Just thought others who've had problems with OLE should be aware of this, it may not be just too high a dose or herxing.

    Incidently I'm ok with probiotics, garlic, colustrum, so maybe I have to concentrate more upon these.

    Dealing with these DDs get more complicated and brain frying the more I look into all the aspects of them.


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    and I agree with most of them. I was warned off echinacea by two holistic doctors and my acupuncturist because they felt stimulating my immune system generally would be too dangerous. That's why I'd rather see if I can get someone to prescribe LDN, once I've checked it out, a safe alternative or if I can find the cash go for transfer factor. I now realise who I must contact over this, but as usual cost and difficulties travelling are the problem.

    Going to have to look at steps I'm taking for hypercoagulation too, pineapple is high in sals and that's where bromelain comes from.

    I was a lot more chemically sensitive before desentisation, but it's still there to a lesser degree. Always check labels on supps etc for the fillers etc I know are a problem, but it's a useful reminder to everyone.

    Over the years I've seen so many people get worse because they've been told their reactions are a herx or healing crisis when in fact it's the therapeutic agent or treatment that's to blame. With so much enthusiasm for OLE, and some board users being told it's because they have so many pathogens in their system, I felt it important they should be aware of other factors that may be coming into play. The last thing anyone here needs is to be made worse through trying to get well, my GPs really worried that might happen to me.

    Thanks for your input it's really appreciated: replies to my posts and messages help me get my loopy brain around all the factors. I knew in my case it was never going to be easy nor would there be simple solutions because if so I'd have found them by now.


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    cos i can't keep up with you ! :-} LOL

    hi Tansy and Slowgirl,

    i agree that some of the immune boosters seem to be too much stimulation...and no positive effects...like echinacea. I felt better when i stopped using it. ditto almost all herbal tinctures....but i am happy with some herbal meds as powders.

    I haven't tried the OLE or Oregano Oil yet as still monitering the hormones.

    i have had trouble with grapeseed extract because its just too acidic on my stomach..my tummy gets inflammed.
    3 years ago i had a stomach ulcer from following a practioners recommended meds supposedly to kill off my candida. I think she unintentionally nearly killed me ! !
    There was a happy ending in that i found my nutritionist and it taught me such a strong lesson to trust my own instincts and my own monitering of what i am doing and not let someone else tell me what was good for me.
    I also avoid salicylates...as am Asthmatic and they are a strong trigger.
    One thought about the immune boosters, i have also been thinking that they don't seem to work because the immune system is overstimulated and so like Barb says it might actually need calming down.
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    stimulators. After all part of our problems are that the Th1 and Th2 lyphocytes have done a turn around. If you stimulate or challenge the immune system whilst that's going on it seems to bring about more inflammatory and allergic reactions. That's why I like the look of LND and transfer factor.

    Having gone onto DEs and even more veg than before I was increasing my salicylates, makes me wonder about my alternative hrt too. I'm lucky in that my asthma's mild but I can have real problems getting enough air when it's hot and humid, a combined decongestant and antihistamine with my inhaler work best then.

    What a minefield this all is.



    ps about my brain: until this year I could not grasp how to use my computer or use a message board so I must be doing something right, even my friends have noticed my brain's a bit quicker and my speech more together some days.

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  5. Plantscaper

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    I think there are many good reasons not to use OLE, as some of you have stated, with other complications and intolerance for it..

    But, I have definitely been in Phase Three of Dr. Cheney's conceptual stages of CFIDS..and had significant allergies with that part of the immune system overreacting and had developed several autoimmune problems, besides CFIDS..
    and OLE has calmed my allergies to such an extent that I don't have any of those symptoms of chronic sinusitis/histamine-triggered migraines, etc. that I had so complained about prior to the OLE.

    I don't think OLE causes an overall upregulation of the immune system..instead it seems to target pathogens..that seem to be causing all of these overreactions in the body..Other than, the initial herxing, which really does not last very long compared to the ABX, there are really mainly only positive gains to be realized..and calming of the immune system seems to occur..I have lost most of my overreactions to substances..and I was reacting to almost everything in my environment..