Problems with school because of chronic fatigue

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  1. Hi, I need to let it out somewhere so thanks for your listening. I have problems with studying because of chronic fatigue (brain fog, headaches, problems with memory, concentration, “laziness“ etc.) and I am a little bit worried about my future. I used to have A's and I was especially good at math and physics (I was doing all those math olympiads) but because of fatigue my marks have worsened notably. Paradoxically especially my marks from math and physics (example: we were given test from physics recently and I stared at it and didn't know where to start - in the end I was able to wrote sth and those were pretty hardcore examples, but still - I am sure you get my point).

    Of course my school absence is also very high. I have individual study plan, so I dont have to go to school when I am really tired, but I am tired all time and I have to go to school sometimes and write some test. Plus I am in my senior year - I think I should be able to graduate but what after that?

    Of course I hope it going to get better and I am trying to make it get better (I do “jogging“, I am trying to have a healthy diet, I exercise etc.), but what if not?

    And of course fatigue makes keeping relationships with other people more difficult (on the other hand, I was always rather an introvert) not to mention that finding a gf is completely impossible :)

    For now I decided to buy a dog and go to university - you never know until you try.

    Again - thanks for your listening and anwers
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    Wishing you all the best. I don't know where you are and if there are jobs you could do from home but that might be something you want to look into so you can adjust your study plan to that.

    It is hard to find a fitting job when you can't plan your active hours but that doesn't mean there aren't possibilities. Only you can tell if and what is a reasonable option.

    When I first got sick in the time I was in bed a lot I taught myself all I could about computers and later on trying to reintegrate was hired by an IT company. I worked for them for almost three years but did deteriorate in health so much that I wasn't able to keep up.

    It may not be what you want to hear but being single can make life a lot easier when your health is bad. You can make the adjustments you need without having to try and explain things that are often hard enough to understand for yourself. It is great to have good friends around that are there when you are up to it but it is also great to be able to be on your own when you need it for as long as you need it.

    Wishing you all the best for finding your way for your future. Dare to listen to that inner voice that tells you what is best for you at that moment and what you shouldn't get into at that moment. It has been my best strategy for progress so far. I've done a lot of what others advised me and it has cost me a lot of suffering with very little reward. Be open to advise but also be open to the voice inside you that says not for me right now...
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    Welcome to you. I'm glad you found us. Regarding exercise: People with CFIDS/ME often get worse after exercise. There are exercises which can be done without having them put one in bed for days afterward. On the other hand, if exercise helps, it's good to be able to do it. My only advice is to take one thing at a time. When I was at my worst, I did not have pets. I could barely take care of myself. Perhaps if you return to the university, you might want to wait on getting a dog until you see how school works out. In any case, I hope things do work out for you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello Scandinavian Student,

    I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from the Age of 29 until age 48, 19 years total. Thank god it didn't hit me during the High school or University years! It must be very difficult to do any studying........took me quite some time to fix my body so that it can work and produce instead of being a vegetable. Some people have been able to cure themselves but not many, I see statistics like 1% to 3% as "recovered" patients. I single mindidly decided to cure myself and finally succeeded [ with gods support], your best bet is to know your enemy by reading, thinking, making notes and again reading as much as possible about this disease, including the book : "From Fatigued to Fantastic" latest editions only. Here is the complete story on how I went back to be a normal healthy human being:

    Important: Please learn from conventional western medical practice, but keep your mind 100% open to logical explanations of the disease processs from Natural Doctors [ Alternative Medicine], learn from both sides, each has some strong knowledge and each have their errors. Western Medicine has a very diffuclt time understanding diseases which have multiple origins....they tend to be simplistic, linear in thinking and looking for one cause only without comprehending that multiple root causes can exist to produce a disease all at the same time. When they cannot see the root causes with the naked eye, their first instinct is to say it does not exist!

    Your future health is in your hands only and success will depend on what you do and what you plan to attack this disease and not "try to live with it" which was never my philosophy.

    Best Websites for learning about personal experiences and succeses from very experienced and clever people is:

    1- The Prohealth Website, at this Forum.
    2- The Phoenix Rising Chronic Fatigue Forum. Cut out and paste this link:

    Take Care,

  5. Thanks for answers and support

    To Soul: I too think that listening to your inner voice is best - other people dont know how exacty you feel or what you are able to do etc.

    To Mikie:
    In my case, exercise and running helps.
    To the pets - on the other hand, a dog could help me with feelings of loneliness, sadness etc. And to be honest I miss conection with some other (not necessarily human) being. I am still at high school (senior year at high school - I thought I wrote it but now I see I didnt) and when I would be really tired, my sister or mom could take him(or her, not decided :) ) for a walk. And the university where I would like to study is about 30 minutes from where I live so.... :)

    To Abdulrahman: I am not (completely) opposed to “natural medicine“ - right know I am reading Healing without Freud or Prozac from that known psychiatrist David Servan-Schreiber (in that book he discusses things like acupuncture)

    Another problem is, that I think that everyone thinks that I must be a complete idiot. Of course, its because of fatigue, but they dont know that and even if they would, I think that most of them wouldnt be able to imagine that brain fog.
    I know I am a little bit irrational here, because even with the fatigue I am still somewhere around the average, but still....How do you deal with that?
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    I had similar problems going through University. What helped me to (baaarely) get through school, was to make it as EASY AS POSSIBLE for myself. Don't feel badly about it at all!!! Take the lightest load that you can, go the easy route wherever possible, even take online courses if you can. Of course, you must do what you feel is best. But after living with this disease for a couple decades now, I can tell you that school is great, but plan ahead and give yourself the easiest path possible!! That way, you give yourself the best chance of finishing your degree. Others who are healthy don't understand, and we are usually hard on ourselves. But we need to be gentle to ourselves any way that we can.

    If your jogging takes too much out of you, then don't do it. Your body is not like other 'healthy' bodies. None of our bodies are. Those of us who are very gentle and kind to ourselves tend to accomplish many more goals.

    Good luck, and be GREAT to yourself in every single way!
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    agree good advice