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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tjwestie1, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. tjwestie1

    tjwestie1 New Member

    Hi, I am new here. I have had FM for 8 years and each year brings a new "adventure". This year I find my speech to be impaired at times. Has anyone else ever encountered this problem? Also been having tremendous problem with burning sensation in my upper thigh. Please tell me I am not alone. Glad to find a site where there are others like me, others that understand.
  2. kazza2008

    kazza2008 New Member

    I have noticed that when I'm tired, over whelmed or stressed the I have problems with my speech. What I say and what I want to say can be two different things, and I slur my words which can be embarrassing and frustrating but is a warning signal to me that I am over doing things and need to have a rest.

    This is a great site, I thought I was going mad before I was diagnosed about three years ago and now I know what I know I think i've had the condition for the last 10 years or more but was living in denial and my doctor at the time was misdiagnosing my illness.

    It took me the first year or so to accept my illness/disability and now we are great friends and am pretty much in tune with my body and it's limitations on different days and weather conditions.

    Good luck
  3. bar45628

    bar45628 New Member

    I had burning in both thighs.Actually it was one of my earliest symptoms.....I described it as feeling as though I'd been whacked with a board.
  4. kitteejo

    kitteejo Member

    I get burning on both of my upper legs, most of the time from wearing pants, the fabric hurts, soooo I just live in my night gown, when I can.

    I have trouble getting my thoughts out of my mouth but that is from the "brain fog", I think.

  5. vannafeelbettr

    vannafeelbettr New Member

    I notice with my speech, the beginning constanents in phrases are mixed up (ex. Instead of "Tally Ho" it would come out as "Hally To") Frustrating and embarrassing!! Letter order in typing is effected too.

    I also have burning in left thigh. Early symptom for me. But I also have chronic radiculopathy (sciatica) in that leg as well.
  6. SpecialK82

    SpecialK82 New Member

    Welcome to the boards - glad to have you here!

    You will find lots of great info and good people here.

    Definitely have problems with my speech. I have to talk slower to make sure that the words are coming out correctly. And I still say the wrong word sometimes - a different word than I am thinking, it's very odd.

    My hubby and I try to laugh at it when it happens, but it is stressful at work when I can't get my words put together. I've also noticed that I can't spell easily anymore, I bet they are both connected....

  7. tjwestie1

    tjwestie1 New Member

    Thank you so much for the input, I thought I was having mini strokes, alll of a sudden my words would slur or a diffrent word would come out. What a relief to know I am no alone. Also suffer with severe dry mouth. Can't find anything to help that. All so frustrating, wears on yur mentally and physically, so much going on at once. Thank you again.
  8. mindyandy420

    mindyandy420 New Member

    I would have to agree with the whole speech thang. It can be embarrasing....(sp?) Yes my spelling has gone down the tubes also...???
  9. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Slay what? LOL

    I have actually been asked if Im drinking!

    Spelling drives me nuts even simple words! I used to be a stlicker about it and would even find words wrong when reading a book.

    Trying to think about what you want to say and what comes out can be a challenge.
  10. jenn_c

    jenn_c New Member

    Before I was hit with FM I was pretty good at public speaking. Now I get so frustrated even when I am just talking to my husband. My spelling has gotten worse too. I have used the dictionary more in this past year then I have all my life.


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