proctitis with CFS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by aquanaut, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. aquanaut

    aquanaut New Member

    I am wondering if any one else has had co - occurring problems like proctitis. I had a colonoscopy and it revealed i supposedly do not have inflammatory bowell disease (?) but have pain and bleeding from unknown cause. Very frustrating.I have been told i have to put up with it. Not happy !!

  2. natrlvr2

    natrlvr2 New Member

    I have ulcerative colitis/proctitis.I have had 2 colonoscopies and one sigmoidoscopy and I am past due for my regular colonoscopy.I have been doing really well for about 1-2 yrs.,no meds.I have a question,what kind of prep do you use before your colonoscopy?I HAVE to drink that HUGE jug of Nutilyte while my mom gets to drink the small green bottle of stuff.My dr. refuses to let me drink the smaller bottle.That si why I am 5 yrs. late for my last 'scope'.
  3. aquanaut

    aquanaut New Member

    my colonoscopy prep involved fasting for 4 hrs and then an enema when i arrived at the surgery. No big 2L drinks or little green ones. Good to hear you don't have too much trouble with your colitis. Mine is only mild, but it's bad enough to make me feel poor,not to mention uncomfortable. My biopsies came back negative for UC but i am still suspicious. I need to know what it is so i can set about dealing with it. I read that diet can help a lot with these things. The natural hygene approach in particular.
  4. ncats

    ncats New Member

    I had proctitis almost 20 years ago. At the time
    I was eating whole wheat and wheat bran, shredded wheat,
    that I loved!! My Doctor never thought that the Proctitis
    was related to diet! Gave me a sulfa drug that I had a
    seveare reaction to. I realized on my own that I was
    reacting to wheat!
    I stopped eating wheat and started taking slippery elm.
    which helped to heal and stop the bleeding.

    Years later my son also had the same thing happen to him
    from eating shredded wheat every day!

    Look at your diet and try some slippery elm (HERB)


  5. aquanaut

    aquanaut New Member

    thanks for the advice. I'm being allergy tested in a few weeks and have been trying to get through a course of candida treatment but they keep making me relapse and i have to stop. Maybe i'll get a lucky break for once and get it sorted.


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