Product similar to transfer factor my Dr. reccomended

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by loriRn, Feb 22, 2004.

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    I started a product called immune26. Instead of comming from cows colostrum. it come from eggs of chickens immunized . I've been on it for 2 weeks, gradually increa sing dose, herxing bad. I want to start on OLE. Is anyone here doing both? Was wondering if it would be tolerable. I'm off work for 3 more weeks and I want to get this in gear before I have to go back.Would love any imput, Love lori.
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    and will start Transfer Factor, soon..I think that I have gotten rid of a lot of pathogens with the OLE.. I started using some remaining Doxy, I had left, and did not experience herxing this time with it..

    When I had used it, previously, I had really bad migraines (my prominent symptom). Depending on your pathogen load and herxing level, I would just stay on one or the other for awhile until you DO NOT HERX..and gradually, work the other in..
    Of course, you need to flush out the toxins with water and not put your body through, too much, at one time..

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    Thank you Plant scraper for your input. The last time I went to the Dr. He tested my cortisol level and my fibrin level. I called the other day to get the results, and they said he wanted me to come in to discuss the results with me.
    I'm assuming one or the other is abnormal.I go Thursday to see him. I'll ask him too. Thanks again ,Lori.