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    Professor Garth Nicolson is one of the most preeminent scientists anywhere and he has formed a new & accurate DNA testing technique which allows for correct prescriptions and doses of antibiotics at last, which should alleviate or cure the illness in a year or so at most. Actually, Nicolson's work on this has been around for several years now.

    Type in "Garth Nicolson" in the search box above and read what some people say from this site. Alternatively, type his name into the google and click on the first link and then on the link 'fatigue illness research' which shows an article.

    Very importantly, go to the heading 'publications' under that article and click on the short red rtf link at the second publication.

    This leads to an article about the recommended doses of antibiotics for a particular strain of mycoplasma or whatever causes the illness. This article you'll need to take to your doctor so he can study it and prescribe the relevant antibiotics.

    However, before you do this, you need to find out where you could get the test kit for whatever strain of bacteria you have got. Nicolson will refer you to some lab nearest to your area or country. Email him (see how to attain his email at the bottom of the last paragraph).

    Search box result from above might reveal something too. Once you decide on a place, they'll send you the testing kit and then you have to go to a testing lab nearest to you (plenty of them about) within a couple days to do the blood tests using the kit. Then after a wait of a week or two, your doctor will tell you the results. Then armed with that aforementioned article from the second URL, you can hopefully convince that doctor to prescribe the antibiotics. If not, there's other doctors about who will - just need to mention how esteemed Nicolson is and that he is excellent authority on what to prescribe or recommend.

    In answer to a response to this post, i know someone who had mycoplasmic CFS (hence my interest in this) and this process helped him greatly. I got rid of the URLs & the email address. Type Garth Nicolson in the google and click on the first link to attain it.

    Cheers _AP

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    Hi there, So have you tried this treatment? And if so did it help? I am interested to know about your experiences with it.

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