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    Hey! I didn't even see that up there!! I am so glad you posted that you have a profile Amilyne. Thanks! I have now put one together for myself as well...I will be adding some of my personal web pages to it so that everyone can see what I do in my spare time with art. Oh, and the picture is big....just to warn you so it doesn't startle you when a life size picture of my head is on your screen.

    Amanda's Rumpsonfire
  2. amilyne

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    hey thanks amanda..glad i could i used to have a kitty named gizmo too but i had to give her away.. :( oh well ..what is hypermobility syndome??? ive never heard of that before..well again gals i could help haha--
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    How do you view other people profiles? I haven't figured out all the tricks to this site yet and sure could use some help.

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    all i have do is click on the line under person name you have to be logged in frist though hope that helps