Progesterone cream???...guys might wanna skip this one

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  1. DLsGroovyMoM

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    A few weeks ago my doc started me on the progesterone cream...those who answered were right to warm me about the sleepinesss...knocked me out thanks for the head up.

    outside of some improvement in sleep nothing...he said it would help with pain/pms/increased pain during far it has not.

    My question is...for the first time in years! my period came over a week was my understanding that progesterone made your body "think" it was pregnante, he had even mentioned that I may not get my period if I used it month what's up with it being early? and WAY heavy!!! well now that I think about it I guess pms/cramps are better as it totally snuck up on me where I can ususally tell a week or so in advance.

    Any thoughts or ideas?
    I had an appt on thursday with my obgyn for my annual which I had to change due to this so I will for sure ask him too just wondered if anyone here had any ideas as I am on the verg of knocking some docs OUT!

  2. angeljoe

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    I was recently given the progesterone cream to try too. The instructions on mine is to wait until your twelve day of your period to use it. Of course, it is different for post-menopausal women. My PCP said that its worth a try so I'll still give it a whirl since I have it on hand already.

    I went thru an infertility clinic to try and get pregnant with my daughter and the progesterone cream was part of their regimen along with the gonel F shots. Not sure what make it work but I do have a daughter from this clinic.

    I'll post something about my results after I try it.
    I'd like to knock some docs out too. I just don't think I'm physically up to it. LOL
    Thanks for your opinion on the progesterone cream.
  3. DLsGroovyMoM

    DLsGroovyMoM New Member

    My doc said for me to take it everyday...but I did some reasearch and felt that it took me four years to get preggo b/c of the progesterone levels and saw that for fertility it is prescriped for days 5 or 12 through the start of next period. so that is how I decided to take it b/c I am wanting to try to get preggo again sometime next year.

    Let me know how you do
    Good luck...oh yeah did you take it at the fertiltiy place? did you have the knock you out effect? I mean I could use it and be out stone cold in less than 5 min...that only lasted about 2 weeks now nothing...who freakin' knows...
  4. angeljoe

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    I was doing the progesterone cream and the Gonel-F shots together. I didn't have a clue what knocked me out but I have an clue now that you mentioed it. We did IVF after 8 days of shots. Everything worked out fine with the infertility. I had my baby girl on my due date.

    This time around I'm only taking the progesterone cream for Fibro relief. I think I thru having babies. I have my son whose 10 and my 3 year old daughter. Pleased and Proud so why push it again. I had treatments with both babies. I took Clomid with my son.

    I will check back after my progesterone cycle to let you know how it does. Usually everyone gets different benefits from different treatments. I will NOT by this again if it doesn't work. It was so expensive for such a small amount.
    Last time my insurance covered it but not this time around. (Kaiser insurance last time, Humana this time)
  5. elsa

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    We are all so different in our personal cycles and hormone balances ... and when CFS/FMS is added to the mix we really become unique in this.

    Starting progesterone treatment is a very logical step for certain age groups ... premenopause without cycle changes being one of the most popular groups. Women in their 30'2 and 40's are starting to be weary of estrogen dominance. It can also help in PMS of any age group. Post menopausal women use it for cancer protective measures in HRT.

    Progesterone in CFS/FMS has a spot too, but it is one of the last hormones on my HPA axis balancing radar. Like you mentioned earlier, it can knock you out. Not great for those of us battling severe excessive daytime sleepiness.

    Progesterone is the cycle's "tranquilizer". This is a good option to look into if you fall into the subset of CFS/FMS patients who deal with high anxiety, over stimulated nervous systems, etc.

    It can take a few cycles to get settled. In general if you are still having 21-28 day cycles with no changes then progesterone should be added starting on day 12 to day 15 depending on the product. Post menopausal women 3 weeks estrogen, 1 week progest. Synthetic progesterone will produce unbelievably more side effects then compounded progest..

    Where balancing the HPA axis in CFS/FMS patients, Dr. Elizabeth Vliet doesn't have progesterone in her starting protocol. (Although it can certainly be added.)

    If certain sign and symptoms are in place and blood tests have been run she uses testosterone first. Then if CFS/FMS symptoms remain the same or worsen from ovulation to period estrogen is added. She uses biest as many other CFS/FMS docs do.

    You can google her name or put estrogen therapy for CFS/FMS in search. Testosterone will probably bring the same information up.

    You have to consider that CFS/FMS patients are not on the same playing field ..... The rules of estrogen dominance may not apply. You are trying to first conquer the CFS/FMS symptoms and balance back to "normal". Hormone/endocrine system is out of wack .... Cannot help but be ... our's is an illness rooted in hypothalamus - pituitary - adrenal dysfunction. These three pretty much command the body's hormone action.

    Good luck with this. The hormones are a tricky, delicate area but their adjustment is necessary for remission along side infection treatment and fixing the sleep. My protocol includes the above mentioned testosterone and biest, plus others .... no progesterone though. I have a compounded rx for 100mgs if needed .... but I oh, so doubt it!

    Take care,


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