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  1. rinaldo

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    Hi has anyone going thru memopause tried taking progesterone cream. Has it helped with hot flashes
  2. zipk

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    I also had a bad experience with progesterone. It did not agree with me at all and made me much more ill. I am in the minority, as I hear it does help lots of women, just be careful and pay attention to what is happening.

  3. butterfly8

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    There are all sorts of progesterone creams out there. So take care if you try it. In general, the natural progesterone cream from a compounding chemist has some positive feedback, but it is not for everyone.

    Check out Dr. Lee's info. "What your doctor may not tell you about menopause."

    My hot flushes turned out not to be menopause so much as cfs. Both can cause hot flushes. However, natural progesterone cream, and a little goes a long way, helped me establish an appropriate balance between the progesterone, estrogen and testerone levels. I started off very estrogen dominant.

    It appears that the most significant thing re. these 3 hormones is not their independent levels, but rather the ratio of the 3 levels.
  4. sixtyslady

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    I used it a few years ago and it wasn"t for me,crying, cramping, and just felt terrible . the bad part it took 3mos to get out of my system.what a horrable summer that was for me.
    I found a older Dr and he helped me through it.he also told me that menopause is not a sickness and if we would"t try to medicate our selves we'd be better off.
  5. mujuer

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    also as I was estrogen dominant. I got it from a compounding pharmacy and I had one hot flash after another all thru the day and night. it was horrible. Guess I am just going to have to embrace my inner Crone. P