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    Tired Tina asked about how I am getting the MRI done for free.
    In my town there is a program called Project Access. I think it is pretty unique but I know a major network did a newscast about it, and other towns are starting their own version.
    Doctors agree to volunteer their time for free for people who have low incomes.
    It can be a godsend. It took me quite awhile to get into it-just cause my PCP at the county Medical Center didn't want to refer me to it. But a lot of people don't encounter this problem. Just the luck of the draw.
    Anyway-perhaps a search for project access might bring up other places that are doing this.
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    And I hope your MRI gives you some answers about your back/foot pain. Let us know how it goes....

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    That's really good, and those giving their time for free should be applauded.

    I live in the UK and my GP knows I need some scans done. Trouble is they have to go through local rheumatologists or neurologists who have a really bad attitude towards these DDs and so patients get don't investigated properly. Even if they did believe in it, and checked for other problems, it would be a six months at least on the waiting list; then just some basic x rays and blood tests. Then months before a follow up appointment. They would do everything possible to avoid scans because they don't have enough scanners or staff. Even when scans are the only other option there is another 6 months wait at least.

    So my GP, who is great by the way, said my only real option was to go privately. Then she told me about children locally with cancer and how long they had to wait for scans, talk about playing with lives just to make the figures look right! They are classified as a failing Hospital Trust and always in debt.

    The irony of all this is that just at the time when the government is taking CFS seriously, locally everything just keeps getting worse than ever for all patients.

    We live in one of the most affluent countries yet the media finds it necessary to regularly expose the fact the many hospitals and health services are more akin to what you would expect to find in third world countries.

    In the mood for a few vents today.


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    My sister chatted online with a person in the UK and one in Canada. The person in the UK had cancer.
    She told me a little bit about what they had to go through.
    One girl waiting months for her appt. Then when she went for it she had forgotten some papers and that was the end of the appt. She had to wait all over again.
    It sounded horrible as does your story. People come to the US for health care and we go to other contries for medications.
    Doesn't make any sense.
    When you say "go private", what does that mean?
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    I'm actually hoping that they WILL find someting wrong with my back as it's been a problem since I was a teen in a car accident.
    Kind of weird that I WANT them to find something! I'm so tired of the same story "well the good news is we didn't find anything, the bad news is there is nothing we can do" Just knowing what the problem is, is better than not knowing. That drives my crazy!
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    Going private means we have to pay for it ourselves, ie it is not funded by the NHS.

    Some people have private health insurance but most policies do not cover pre-existing conditions.

    More and more patients here are having to fund private prescriptions too, as against the set NHS fee, because they have cut back so much on what the NHS will pay for.

    My GP recognises the need for other CFS patients and myself to have certain treatments but she cannot access them herself and has learnt through all our experiences they cannot be accessed through the local hospital specialists. Officially she can make "out of area" referrals but they have all been turned down, no funding contract in place. The latter happens to the majority of NHS patients regardless of diagnosis, it's due to government guidelines on hospital waiting lists.

    So when I, and other UK residents, vent over lack of health facilites this is why we get very angry and frustrated.



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    I can cetainly understand why you would get frustrated and angry!
    What a vicious cricle.