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    Hi all,

    I am just writing in with a progress update – have been meaning to do this for ages…

    The thing that prompted me to sit down right now to give you the latest news on how I am doing was that I was just in touch with Dr Wright’s office – I tested positive for borrelia –

    (And, especially thinking of you Tansy…….listen to this:)

    Thing is, I have now been fully and totally back on my feet for the past 2 months and am going strong – no chance of a relapse…….

    Some of you may remember some of my previous posts…….the latest news on my health front a couple of months ago were that I was suffering from severe mercury poisoning.

    At that time I was contemplating getting all my amalgam fillings out (never went ahead with that). I had also actually managed to get my GP to test me for Mycoplasma, HHV-6, Chlamydia etc and was in touch with Dr Wright…….The list of things I was taking and doing at that time is endless.

    To cut a long story short, at that time, I also got interested in NLP by way of researching Reverse Therapy, was then told of Phil Parker ( and his Lightning Process, read Alex Howard’s book “Why Me?” and then came across this study:

    That was when I realised that
    1. It is possible to get better from this illness
    2. I could go on consulting different experts to exhaustion – each one of them would present me with a different conclusion and program to get me back on my feet
    3. The only person that can make me better is ME
    4. If those guys in the study managed to get better using NLP, so could I

    (I also realised that apart from consulting lots of doctors and alternative practitioners and swallowing a load of supplements every day, there wasn’t a lot I was actually doing to support my recovery……..I was relying on other people to do it for me…..)

    I then concluded an NLP contract with myself, the contents of the contract being modelled on the contract used in the above study. I stopped thinking of my tiredness as something unusual and instead thought of it as normal tiredness, same for my legs (I wasn’t able to walk very well and was housebound), etc.

    I felt less exhausted and tired within a week and started to be able to walk further and further distances.
    At the end of that week, I went to see a NLP practitioner in London, Maxine Henk (, who is also trained in Phil Parker’s Lightning Process. I had two sessions with her over two days. On the last day I still had to use my wheelchair – I told myself that this was the very last time I’d be using the bloody thing…
    And it was.
    My recovery after that was rapid. In fact, I was recovered as soon as I left Maxine (and went on holiday 2 days later), it just took my body a couple of weeks to fully catch up, i.e. I had to build up my stamina and muscles again etc.

    I am now allowing myself a long break/holiday before thinking of going back to work. I am back climbing mountains, walking, cycling, just about to start renovating my house, have lots of plans for the future and have even taken up helicopter flying within the last four weeks. I have also since travelled around Europe a bit…….I guess I am making up for lost time and having a great one…….

    I am writing this in the hope that it will inspire you and hope that all of you make a swift recovery.

    Much love,

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    your post was MORE than inspiring!

    I'm glad you got a handle on your life~
    Sounds like your heading in the right direction!
    Possitive mental thoughts have been a start for me.
    I guess I'm not consistant enough tho?

    I'm still reading alot and researching alternative/spiritual ways at recovering form illness.
    Is there any good books you might suggest ,that you found helpful?
    Thanks for sharing your recovery~
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    Awesome, Odsel!

    You're right! We have to take ownership in helping ourselves.

    Best of luck getting back to work.
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    i am bumping this because i am quite suprised that more people havent taken an interest in this.

    here's someone who has made a full recovery from what we are frequently told is incurable.

    i think there is defenitely something in this. i think this may be our "cure."
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    The mind is an incredable healing tool. I find my thoughts determine how bad i will feel on any given day. I feel so much better this past year because of deep soul searching and life choices. I now live on my own and am so happy and stress free for the first time ever. I had a life long habit of marrying men with addictive problems. Hence I was always the fixer and controller. It wore me out literally. Now i am taking time for me and my health has improved greatly. It took getting cancer to wake me up and force me to make better choices for myself. I am only as sick as I choose to be.
    hugs poodlemum

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    Wish I could find practioners in the Midwest!
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    Very inspiring...I will check out the sites.

    We are what we think:

    Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.

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    i would be really interested to hear more about your treatment and how you are two months on.

    i cant read enough stories of full recovery like yours - i find them very imprtant and hope-inspiring.
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    Odsel, thank you for posting your success, and I know it has been inspiring for others.

    Keep us all posted on your health recovery.

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    I am new to the board, so I dont know you Odsel, but I am happy for your recovery.........I have been involved in NLP, Bio-feedback and just about everything on the market, when it comes to "mind over matter".........Some things will work for a small percentage of people, without a doubt, and prayer is one of those things.......But severe CFS and Fibro are serious illnesses, with complex infections and symptoms......I, myself, have spent the last 8 years housebound and bedridden, as have many people on this board........I am also a Chiropractor with 2 college degrees, so I have been exposed to just about everything out there, as far as "cures and opinions".........

    That being said, you are not going to "cure" infections or viruses or heavy metal toxicity by NLP/reverse therapy/or prayer alone........It just doesnt work that way........If it did, then nobody would ever die and people would not get sick......Unfortunately, everyone carries a burden and most of us on this board have very bad health.......Its just the "cross" we have to carry.......I do think that anything you can do to help the "mental component" of dealing with this illness is a big help.......But its just silly to say that you can cure infections with thought processes.......I dont mean to offend you, but I dont want people on here to think these things will cure them........Maybe if you dont have a severe case of CFS or you have other "problems", it may help, but overall, I dont see any miracles with this.......

    If you want to get better, you have to change your diet, treat the underlying problems, get plenty of rest, pray, meditate or whatever, and hope that your genetics will allow you to fight this......There is no easy answer......But saying its mind over matter is very disingenuous and/or misinformation.......whether its intentional or not.......

    Just look at the tens of thousands of soldiers coming back with Gulf War Syndrome.......They were exposed to many toxins over there, not to mention, dozens of immunizations that they were not even told about.......Their symptoms are almost identical to CFS and Fibro, so there is definitely an infectious process going on and our government has played a role in this.......unfortunately........

    Once again, congratulations on your health......but most of us will not be "cured" by reverse therapy.....Its just the latest "fad" going on right now.......
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    Hi guys!

    I was surfing the net, and with one thing leading to another, ended up here…….

    Just wanted to drop a line (well, its actually becoming a hell of a lot of lines…..) to let you know that I am well and kicking. Having been ill has become just a hazy memory …I am extremely busy, back working, seriously into sports, am just about to become a qualified NLP practitioner myself and: feeling good!

    And would like to add something to my first post on my recovery, and that is that Maxine also used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in addition to NLP and I have increasingly come to believe that that played a vital role in my recovery.

    I agree with Kingneptune11&b that there is no one “cure” that will work for everybody and I would never advocate NLP & EFT as a guaranteed cure for CFS – but even if it doesn’t work for everybody, I don’t know whether that has to mean that it will “only” work for a small percentage of people…
    I am now increasingly thinking that illness is just the result of interrupted energy-flows within our body. The particular characteristics of an illness will probably reflect the type, number and place of the energy blockage(s). These energy blockages can be caused on various levels, e.g. physical, emotional, psychological etc.
    I guess there are as many ways to get well as there are different people and hopefully people will find the means best suited to them to resolve these energy blockages fast. For me, that happened to be NLP & EFT.
    Apart from all the literature available on this subject, what has led me look into the subject of energy blockades is the fact that I seem to have left behind a hell of a lot of emotional/psychological baggage on the day I decided to be well – i.e. I used to have all my little hang-ups and they are just GONE…..without me doing anything about it….
    That does make one think.

    Also, have a read of these stories:

    "This month we feature three stories from individuals who have used NLP to assist in dealing with significant personal health issues.

    Gail Rowland
    "I began experiencing the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1986. By 1995 I had very swollen and painful knees, toes and feet, sore breast bone, shoulders, neck, swollen and stiffened wrists and thumbs and problems with my ribs, back and posture. I walked with difficulty at times and was drained of energy because of constant pain."In 1995, I joined the Health Certification course and through the processes that we explored during the course, dramatic changes occurred for me. Building a health outcome the way we did on HCT was such an important part of that process. Letting go through re-imprinting and the forgiveness pattern and allowing those I have forgiven to be part of my monitoring system was also important. Using NLP I also did some very interesting work around letting go of the physical memories of the emotional traumas. "Gradually, over the last two years, all the swelling, inflammation, and so on, has gone from all my joints except my right wrist - and that has considerably improved."

    Lara J Colson
    "My client wishes to remain anonymous, so I will refer to her as K. K was born with cerebral palsy. At the age of 13, when I began working with her, she had never walked. She had been on all fours most of her life. She could get around if she needed by dragging herself with her hands, using her wheelchair or occasionally using her crutches."We began with conversational NLP, focusing on the function of the nervous system and how her brain works, shifting limiting beliefs, and restructuring her meta programmes. We then used a series of visualisation processes to open up the lines of communication between K's brain and her feet. When we encountered blocks, we used various NLP processes, including re-framing and parts work. "We also dealt at an identity level with labels such as 'disabled'. K and I created the metaphor of a Cheetah, and we went through an extensive process of second positioning to assist K in her health goal. We even called upon K's mentors, (including Dana Scully from the X Files!) to add resources where necessary. "When the time came, we went outside, K on her crutches. I said, "are you ready?" She excitedly and congruently said "Yup." So I said,"OK let's do it!" I threw her crutches to the side, and guided her in her first steps. After two steps, I gradually released my arm from her waist, and let her go. And let me tell you, SHE WENT. She took two steps on her own, and started to lose her balance. Guided safely by moms arms in front of her. She was BEAMING! She said "Mom, I did it! I've never done this in my life and I DID IT." By now she was so ecstatic, she wanted to do more. She took three steps, and then four! And for the next 15 minutes did nothing but excitedly walk in circles! It was like 13 years of energy bursting through all at once."It was three weeks between our first session and K walking. The progress has continued, with K continuing to walk, each time taking more and more steps. Working in conjunction with her physical therapist, she has restructured her therapy to focus on helping her to walk even better."I have to tell you - as a human being - this definitely fits into the category of the top experiences of my life!"Shanan Sale"I was born medically 'blind' with an under developed optic nerve. My eyes rolled. They moved constantly and didn't track or move together. Before NLP I could only see light and dark in my right eye. I could see some things in my left eye and I could read - but only with heavy magnification.I started doing NLP with Rod Boslau in 1992 when I was 23. We worked together consistently for three years - and we still work together on a more occasional basis. It has had a drastic effect on every single aspect of my life. My eyes still roll somewhat but they move together. I'm now able to see shapes with my right eye, where before I could only see light and dark. I can also see better with my left eye - I still need magnification, but less magnification. For example, I used to have real difficulty reading the phone book. Now I can. I used to struggle with textbooks and that's much better now. When I went from being outside into a building I couldn't see much because my eyes constantly dilated. That's changed too. And I can now see colour in my right eye where before there was none.I can't say enough good things about NLP. It's a truly powerful experience and you really do get results. I think it's also important that you're clear to people that this is not always an overnight cure. This will work if you put in the work yourself. NLP doesn't make the change for you - it gives you the resources and power to make the changes yourself."

    I mean, if they can do it, why not everybody?

    Best wishes to all!

    P.S. For anybody interested, before my recovery I did laboratory tests for heavy metal poisoning and was found to have extremely high mercury levels; I knew of my "mercury poisoning" before I got well, but the mercury didn't stop me from getting well.
    Also, I was tested for infection by a UK Lyme Specialist. However, I only received the result of that test after I got well. I had tested positive.[This Message was Edited on 03/28/2006]
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    Bump, cause I've read a few of Odsel's posts, which claims he/she is doing well. Anyone in contact with Odsel?
  16. yellowbird

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    Mind over matter works, or can work, but only for a while. NLP practitioners and the like probably never get sick, or only get sick briefly until they readjust their thinking, but they are going to die of something eventually!
    Hopefully Odsel can extend his wellbeing and energy for a long, long time.

    Be interesting to hear where s/he is now.[This Message was Edited on 12/13/2006]

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