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    for me, after 30 years, I look back and see:
    1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and its' cascading symptoms
    2. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and the neurological decline
    3. Multiple Sclerosis symptoms becoming more apparent now

    This might be the gamut as we go uncured.
    I see it as such for myself.
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    30 years is a very long time to have had to deal with this illness. I've had it for 20 and don't want to even think about another decade with it.

    I too have had my eyes opened as far as the progression of the illness. It use to be said that it was not a progressive illness, however, I do beleive that for those who have true ME it is indeed progressive. I have talked to thousands of patients and the pattern is so clear once you are exposed to so many cases of the disease.

    I do not have MS but do have similar symptoms from the ME.

    ME is quite a monster. I have a family member with progressed MS and she can do more than I can. She is in a wheelchair and has bladder issues but she can put on a depends, go out in her wheelchair and enjoy herself.

    Of course I do not envy her as I do know that she suffers many symptoms. It's just that if you say you have MS people support you emotionally. When you say you have ME they get a blank stare. When you bring up that in the US it is called CFS you then get dismissed as a hypochondriac.

    My daughter in law who is an ER nurse told me that in nursing school they were taught that FM and CFS (ME) are not real. I'd like to give all those medical educators a ride in my body for a bit. They would see how very real it really is.