Progressive Disease?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by clgunzel, Mar 13, 2003.

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    My husband was diagnosed with FM a few months ago, although I'm sure he has been suffering with it for about a year now. He has all the symptoms i.e., can't sleep, can hardly get out of bed in the mornings, pain all over, etc. If there is anyone out there who's spouse has FM, could you tell me what to expect in the coming years. Will he worsen; will he eventually become completely disabled. He is 44 and seems to be getting worse day by day. He is on oxycontin, prozac and muscle relaxers. I feel so helpless. He's very stubborn - ask him how he's feeling and he says he's great but I know he's fibbing. Need some advice from someone who's been there.

    Thank you.
  2. AnnG

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    Its not necessarily progressive but certainly has its flares and "remissions" some lasting a very long time. He won't ever be cured but he may find some things that will help: the right meds, massage, diet,....

    He is truly blessed to have you!
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    progressive~ I believe it is progressive. At least in my doubt. I was DX with FM 10 years ago at the age of 30.Although I had alot of aches/pain for the first 4 years or so......its nothing compared to what I feel today.
    Alot more areas of my body are involved now.It use to just effect my shoulders,neck and low back. Now my hips,my legs,ankles,one of my arms goes numb alot.I have mega brainfog.....did'nt have that in the beginning. So for me it has been. Also the flares of worsening pain seem to last alot longer than before~ Alot of times when i'm asked how do you feel? I'll say ok too.(I guess even we get sick of saying that we hurt like hell!) I hardly ever say"great" or really good",matter of fact,I don't recall EVER saying those words......not since becomming ill~
    It sounds like he's being given decent pain relief meds~(a big plus,alot of us only get mild relief) Good luck to you and your man~ I don't think its completely disabling~ however some have been pretty darn close!!
    Best regards,
  4. clgunzel

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    Thanks to all who replied to my message. I will have him visit this board this weekend. I believe it will be most helpful for him to read what other people experience in dealing with this.

    God Bless you all.

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    My husband also has had Fibro for about 1 year, he is 46 years old. I really do think it is progressive, but you have to remember this DD is different for everyone. My suggestion to you is to please be patient and keep reading anything you can get on this DD.
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    I'm sure if nothing else your husband will find a lot of company on this board.

    Sometimes no one can understand unless they've walked in these shoes, so please invite him to make sure and visit here.

  7. Mikie

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    Different people have different patterns and experiences with FMS. A lot depends on lifestyle changes and treatments. It's difficult to say whether one will get worse. Often, as time goes by, people will pick up new symptoms of the illness. Like, MS, FMS often goes into a remission state and then flares up again.

    Love, Mikie
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    My husband was actually diagnosed a couple of weeks ago, although, we knew for awhile this was what was going on with him. I know how helpless you feel because I feel the same way. He and I have been together for 5 years now and I have watched him just progressivly get worse. He has a few good days but they are very few and far between. He is 39 years old and tells me that most days he feels 80. They must have been cut from the same mold, in the stubborn department that is. I always here "I'm fine" and I know its a fib. He knows how I worry and he tries so hard to keep alot of it from me. Together we have 3 children, 18, 13, and 8. He wants so badly to get out and do all those "dad" things. When he does, he pays for it for a few days at least. I sure hope that someone can find a cure for this!! My thoughts and prayers are with you! Take care to you and your husband!