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    Hi everyone. First time posting here. Recently my doc has taken me off all medications due to liver problems caused by unknown factors. He is trying to eliminate meds as one of the culprits. Since being removed from the meds, the pain is very bad...all day long. And I am so exhausted that I feel like crying all the time because everything I do takes such tremendous effort. Sleep is fine, when the restless legs aren't acting up. The fatigue is not helped by a good nights sleep. My question to you is this,
    have any of you found that the pain of fm has worsened over the years. I find that now that I'm off the meds, the pain is far worse than it was before I went on meds. Is that a normal occurrence? My doc told me that fm is not progressive. If it isn't, why is my pain level much higher now than it ever has been? Any insight into this would be much appreciated.

  2. i was told 12 years ago that i have fibromyalgia ,the hospital specialist told me that he knew years and years before THAT,that i had the fibro, but chose not to tell me when i was a young woman,as in his werent complaining of having mobility problems back then.

    he then said..and if I had the fibromyalgia pain for as many years as you have,i would have gone onto develope the depression called ME chronic fatigue syndrome too,it cant be easy living in daily pain.

    well i suffer these illnesses,not my current doctor,and i can say from my own battle with these deseases that my fibro is infact progressive,and it has nothing to do with me sitting in a chair all day being idle.

    im active,i ride my bike 3 times a week,i just go on a 25 min ride,on flat ground.i use a air walker excersize machine daily in my home.

    i do all the things a independant person does,BUT my fibro does not ease and does not enable me to do a single thing with ease.thats why i cant get a job,im useless because of this illness,and its mainly down to being raked with pain every day,and having brain malfunctions.

    believe me when i tell you,i just cant walk very far at all,and that shocked me ,seeing as i bike ride and excersize daily.

    my body regulary crashes,in as it just seizes my legs up,they wont move,go very stiff with severe pain.

    so in my case im just going to continue with new syptoms,i think,until nothing in my body works properly.AND EXCERSIZE WONT CHANGE THAT.

    now it might be different for other sufferers,and sadly others probably can relate to what im saying because like me, they are keeping active.

    but it takes a alot of effort on my part to stay mobile.its so hard especially when you have fatigue as well as daily pain.

    i worry that in the future i wont be able to keep the effort up,then i suppose ill need to be looked after by someone else..ill hate that,i know i will.but a ill person cant be forever pushing themselves past their body,s limitations,i dont care what doctors say.

    no amount of sleep makes my symtpoms better,thats the reality of my own personal battle.i just except that its always going to supprise me with new things going wrong with my hate it if my eyes and vocal chords were effected any worse that what they are at present.

    kind regards
  3. How long since you have been off the pain medication? Well after a while no one can say it's from withdrawals.Yes it is definetly progressive.My hubby has gone from bad to worse in 6 years at times in the begining thinking he was cured LOL I now am in a series of test to detrermine what is wrong with me but I know In my heart, from dealing with his illness what is wrong with me.Just haven't been diagnosed yet. The thing did show elevated ra test Ruthie
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    Hi all

    Thanks for the responses to my topic Progressive or not. Makes me feel a little more sane. I know my pain level is much higher than it used to be. Its just hard to keep hearing its all in my head. There is such a stigma to this disorder. I keep hearing all kinds of negative things about people with fibromyalgia...from people in the know about a lot of disorders and it upsets me a great deal. I worked with a trainer a couple of weeks ago because I'm trying to get myself in shape. Each time I try to exercise, I am fine for a day or two and then am overwhelmed by fatigue, not matter how much rest I get. This trainer insinuated that people with fibromyalgia all have the same type of personality and thus bring on the disorder based on their mental incapacities. Bad enough to be going thru the pain and the fatigue, but the social stigma of this disorder just adds insult to it all. Just venting. What have you guys encountered in this regard?
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    Absolutely! My mother has had it for 22 years and I have it as well, it is definitly progressive.

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