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    Hi all,

    I have to say how helpful it is to receive the ProHealth catalog of supplements, vitamins, etc.

    I review the items I am interested in depending on what symptom I’m looking to address & then bring the catalog with me to my Doctor’s office for him to make the final decision.

    I just added back in Glucosamine SULFATE, and I noticed an improvement in my knees where I was getting new pain and a “burning sensation”.

    I eliminated the SULFATE because I did not think I needed it & it took me many weeks to figure out WHAT did I change.

    My foggy-ness did not help the situation either!

    My top supplements I know I cannot go without would be:

    == Fibrosleep
    == ZMA
    == GABA

    What is also great about calling ProHealth for your supplements, you might speak to a Customer Service Rep who can relate to your symptoms & is familiar with them.

    That is how I discovered the GABA. It was recommended & it eliminates an “odd burst of energy” I’d get in the evening. That extra burst of energy was keeping me awake and interfering with my sleep. Even my doctor did not know how to get rid of that burst of energy I’d only get at night.

    GABA did the trick.

    Just wanted to post I would not give up my ProHealth supplements for anything!

    Ah, and it is so nice to be on monthly "Auto-Ship". I never have to worry about running out of my supply.

    My package arrives on time every month even if we have a terrible WINTER Storm!

    == Elaine

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