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    hello fellow fibro friends,
    i have been puzzled for a long time about never being able to stand for long periods. i can move around but to stand around in one position is agony for me. It is like I don't get enough blood up to the brain??? I can't wait to sit down. This has been going on for years even before I was diagnosed with fibro. I do know we have problems with blood pressure on rising.
    I talked with my pulmonologist about this and was wondering if oxygen would help???? i did an overnight oxygen level check along with my cpap and it was okay a few
    on the low 80's but not enough to qualify for oxygen during day. i would like to take a tilt table test but have not brought that up to any of my doctors. I do sometimes get on my cpap in the afternoon at times. To but a pulseoximeter is costly even on e-bay!!!
    any ideas form my friends would be nice!! thanks
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    Hi Bapakay-

    This happens to me too! I contribute mine to low blood sugar. I have Hypoglycemia. Have you had your blood sugar checked??