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    hello fellow fibro friends,
    i have been puzzled for a long time about never being able to stand for long periods. i can move around but to stand around in one position is agony for me. It is like I don't get enough blood up to the brain??? I can't wait to sit down. This has been going on for years even before I was diagnosed with fibro. I do know we have problems with blood pressure on rising.
    I talked with my pulmonologist about this and was wondering if oxygen would help???? i did an overnight oxygen level check along with my cpap and it was okay a few
    on the low 80's but not enough to qualify for oxygen during day. i would like to take a tilt table test but have not brought that up to any of my doctors. I do sometimes get on my cpap in the afternoon at times. To but a pulseoximeter is costly even on e-bay!!!
    any ideas form my friends would be nice!! thanks
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    I can't either. Especially in the sun. My blood pressure will drop that quick and I will faint.
    I have to watch my kids at school when they get dropped off in the morning to make sure they don't walk off and in the afternoon I stand watch in the parking lot to make sure they don't light up doobies or have their gangers hang around the parking lot so I have to keep walking around.
    Sometimes I have to make sure certain kids don't go home with certain other kids. The parents are depending on me.
    If I am in the parking lot, it doesn't take long for them to leave so then I head for the building and a big bottle of cold water.
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    I have this same problem and it is becoming more bothersome. I was surprised when my Naturopath said this was an adrenal problem. She has prescribed additional adrenal support and I must say that it is helping.My Acupuncturist also treated me for the lightheadedness at my last treatment.

    I do think there is some truth to the low blood volume theory and some have been helped with the water and salt treatment.

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    I have the same problem, standing in lines is really hard on me

    I just did the blood volume test, and my pulse did increase on standing
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    It sounds like most of you could have some type of dysautonomia. I have POTS and when I stand my BP drops and my heart rate increases. I'm like you, I can't stand in line very long. I feel like I'm going to pass out. I do pass out quite a bit.

    I was put on a beta blocker and it helped. Right now I'm not on any medication for that. I'm being treated for lyme and I think it's helping the POTS. My lyme dr said it's caused by the lyme and will get better. Of course, there are other things that can cause it.

    This can be diagnosed by a tilt table test. I didn't actually have to have one because mine was obvious. It's good to drink lots of water and the salt helps too. Lots of drs don't know too much about this and I had to travel 8 hours to see one that did.

    Take care,
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    I have this problem too, & understand it's quite common with CFS.