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    Ok, I've talked off and on for some time here about the merits of Prolotherapy, which is re-generative tissue therapy of the on rebuilding tissue around the joints and ligaments...

    I've had Prolo on my injured shoulder over 4 yrs ago and got 3 years of great relief....didn't have a booster series and perhaps had I, I would not be back in pain. I'm sure there is OA, bursitis, tendonitis in my shoulders, never had xrays as I don't not want surgery.....

    I listen to a very knowledgeable Prolo MD every weekend and just heard him for an hour....he says:

    Prolo keeps the surgery out of pain.

    Often think had I done more Prolo, could I have prevented the hip replacement in 2010, which has been close to a nightmare for it's changed so much of my structure and put pressure on so many other joints....and I still deal with major numbness and soreness at the site and IT band damage down the thigh... I've had 2 months of work on the IT band last year....and continue with acupuncture and many other supplements.

    A few weeks ago I called a long time friend (45 yrs) and she is 56 soon. She has a nagging knee pain/issue and recently heard Darrow on the radio, so mentioned it to me. I told her I was a pretty knowledgeable person on Prolo as I had it in a few places and it worked longest in my shoulder.....My thing is that I probably would be better off had I done booster series but I knew so little about Prolo 5 yrs ago and money was always an issue for me.

    I told her about my Rheumy who does Prolo and she made an appt and had her first Prolo session a couple weeks ago and reported back to me, that it was like a miracle...she could walk better and no pain hardly.

    She had her booster series this past week and we have not talked but I'm pretty sure she is a happy camper, my rheumy charges $150 per session of about 8-15 injections at various locations at the pain/problem site.

    So now after all this time I know someone else with good results. Some years ago, maybe 4 or so, a neighbor had Prolo injections for the FM she dealt with, TMJ areas for one. She was doing good and said her father was helping her with funds to do them. She's moved away so we've lost contact....

    So actually, 2 people I know besides myself with success from Prolo.

    I'm planning to do Prolo for my knee in early April, I've been trying acupuncture for a couple yrs on knee and other areas, but I now believe I need to do the Prolo, for re-generation of the tissue.

    Also, says that when we're told by docs that we are dealing with bone on bone, as long as one can BEND knees, there is cartlidge there and DO NOT ELECT SURGERY......we are asking for more pain/stress after these surgeries, I can attest to that....with the hip. With replacements, all the cartlidge and good tissue is cleaned out and we're left bare parts in our joints..... jam
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    A little history on Prolo which has been around for over 100 yrs and back then Osteopaths mostly used the irritant injections to stop pain and help the joints....then I guess it fell away and came back in the 30-40's for a resurgence by MD's and then after many years got lost in the Pharma world of all the surgeries, replacements, drugs, etc....and now it's coming back again as TOO MANY still have pain and issues after surgeries...and the drugs, omg.... The Prolo doc I hear says many MD's are learning it and using it in their ortho practices, many are's an added feature that they need to learn and do.

    My rheumy left a conventinal MD practice as she wanted to do HEALING and not surgery and drugs.....she does acupuncture, mesotherapy (homeopathic injections) and Prolo....she'll do a cortisone shot here and there but knows the dangers of steroids. jm
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    I'm going to add to this as I get more testimonies from those on other health boards I'm on:

    Joe, YES YES YES on prolo, my rheumy usually gives 8-12 injections per site., I'm going for my knee next month with dextrose, she only uses dextrose at this point....she is a one woman operation and has no other help.... I got 3 yrs of relief with shoulder over 4 yrs ago with one session of about 8 injections of dextrose....
    I'm in So. Cal. More and more docs are getting into this OLD healing protocol.....long history on Prolo.....People still suffer with surgery done....jam

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    Go to if you want to know more about Prolothearpy and PRP. There is also a list of states where you can find a doctor in your area that preforms this great and effective alternative to surgery.
    It is a bit expensive since the stupid insurance companies won't cover it. But in the long run it is better then surgery. Unexplained joint pain can be causes by torn or stretched ligaments or tendons and can cause the muscles to have to work overtime and thus the pain.
    It has worked for my lower back, right knee, right shoulder neck and some ribs. I have had the PRP in my knee and it did hurt more then the regular Prolo injections. The PRP cost twice as much as regular Prolo, but my doctor said that PRP was like getting 4 injection at once compared to the regular Prolo therapy. So in the long run the PRP could end up costing you less. The recovery time is also much quicker then the Prolo Therapy. The doctor I go to in Colorado Springs, CO uses more then just the dextrose. She has used a substance called P2G and Sodium Morrhuate and even Testosterone that is mixed with the dextrose. Since insurance won't cover it, I use the money from a Flex Spending account to pay for it. One more thing. Prolo Therapy usually is not just one injection. I have had as many as 20 injections I my lower back and neck. Usually I get between 4 to 6 injection at each session.

    Colorado Springs, CO