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    It's been 4 weeks since I had the first round on my elbows. My left elbow was not hurting at all for a couple of weeks, but since last week is hurting again, although not as bad as it was before the Prolo.

    However my right elbow is worse than it was before, and as much as I dread doing this, I'm sort of looking forward to it because I keep HOPING this will help in the long run. Or at least keep it from getting any worse.

    I've been sticking to a very light exercise program and although I don't really feel better as far as the pain goes, I do feel a little stronger. I'm actually having more pain in my neck, shoulders, hands and upper back, and less in my hips right now. There are a number of things I'm going to talk to my doc about in addition to having the Prolotherapy today. Will let you know how it goes.

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  2. KayL

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    Do a search on this site and there is some info on Prolotherapy, I posted about it a few times. It is basically injecting irritants into joints that in effect, reinjure them and cause the body to repair itself.

    I've had physical therapy with myofascial release and cortisone injections in various locations and this is something *new* I'm trying.

    It's pretty painful for a couple of days; the numbing cream is starting to wear off and the Lortab I took 4 hours ago must be wearing off too, because my elbows are starting to throb.

    My doc did say that since one elbow seems to be responding, it may only take 1 or 2 more sessions on that one. The other one is a different story though.

    I also asked about the Zanaflex/hallucination thing and he told me to decrease the dosage of the Zanaflex and see what happens. His first thought was to take me off of it, but I'm going to see how cutting back to 4mg at night works. Apparently he wants to research this further.

    I'm bringing my pain charts every month when I go now - this is the 3rd month I've been doing that.

    I won't know for several days what effect this Prolo session has had, and I will be out of town next week - the time when I will most likely be able to start to see results - so I will post an update when I get back June 8, if anyone's interested.

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    Same story - left elbow is responding, right elbow isn't - so far. After the injections he used a laser on both elbows - this was the first time I've even seen that, much less had it done - he said it *should* help with the pain tomorrow. Hoping he's right. Both elbows are really swollen right now and sore. I'm still hoping this will help/work in the end.

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    I have had good benefit from myofascial release, you mentioned other modalities in your post. Have you ever tried just MFR? What was the result. June
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    I tried myofascial release alone hoping it would help my sinusitis headaches. My shoulder/neck /back of my head always get involved. Sometimes it seems hard to tell what starts first. But I didn't get any results unfortunately.

    good luck, Karen, hope it works for you.
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    I had that when I was going to physical therapy. My doc first suggested prolotherapy after my 2nd back surgery. However, we tried P.T. first, and I went for several months and among all the stuff done was myofascial release. It seems the main problem with my elbows is chronic tendonitis. He thinks it's largely due to my job, which is basically repetitive motion. 8 hours a day my right arm is reaching from a calculator to a mouse to a keyboard to a pen to a calculator, etc., etc., etc. The prolotherapy basically *reinjures* the joint and causes (hopefully) the body to heal itself. I've read that if the affected area doesn't respond in 4-6 treatments, it's probably not worth pursuing; although larger areas, such as backs may take many more.

    The tendonitis thing with my elbows is just one thing that's wrong with me, like all of us, everything seems to be complex. This is the first doc who gave me a FMS diagnosis, but he was also the first to tell me there are other things going on, such as the tendonitis. If the prolotherapy can bring me some relief in 1 or 2 places, I will welcome it! :)

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    The problem here is that in order for your body to heal itself, you must make growth hormone. Fibro patients usually have pretty severe deficiencies of growth hormone, due to our lack of deep sleep, which is when 80% of it is made, and the proven fact that we do not have the normal spike in growth hormone production after exercise either.
    I am surprised this is working at all, in light of that. But,I am glad for you and hope it keeps working.
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    Klutzo, you are correct. And out of all the tests and blood tests I've had in the past year, the one thing that was clearly abnormal was my IGF-1. It's at about half the level it should be for a woman my age. I did have the stim test with arginine and the doctor said my pituitary gland works. But I haven't slept well in YEARS, so as far as I can see, there's the answer. Just my opinion. LOL

    Anyway, I did order some Pure IGF and have been taking it for 6 days. Don't notice any difference yet. And I'm not sleeping well since I've stopped the Zanaflex.

    I meant to address this yesterday and with all the confusion at my doc's office (the receptionist had me down in the computer as my appointment being today, rather than yesterday. I had my appointment card with me that showed yesterday's date, and they then had to work me in since I already had the anesthetic cream on my arms) I didn't get the chance.

    On the prolo/laser subject, I have to admit, my elbows hurt less this morning than they did after the other treatments, which I assume is due to the laser. However, that's not to say that they don't still hurt a lot this morning. And they definitely contributed to my not being able to sleep last night. Unfortunately I have to go to work, so I guess I'll just have to tough it out today.