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    I had been recieving Prolotherapy. My Dr.(Wilmont, NJ) moved to Albany N.Y.. He had told me the worst thing for FM is exersize. I tried swimming. my knees felt like daggers going thru. He injected them with cortizone. They blew up to 3 knees on each leg. Then my body followed. BLew up. I had every symptom of cushings syndrome, except when they took an MRI my cortizone level was low. They gave me cortizone which blew me up more. My man left me! Nobody including an endocrinologist know whats wrong. Is there a connection between the FM and the cortical level? What kind of Dr. do I go to now? Anyone know a good Rhuemitologist in N.J.?? Help! Please!
  2. Mikie

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    I think you found a doc who isn't knowledgeable about FMS. Some form of exercise is vital for FMS, even if it's just light flexing and stretching. The problem is that we need to address our pain before we can exercise or we can worsen our symptoms. Most of us will never be able to exercise like we used to, but it is important to keep moving for strength and flexibility.

    Our problems are not inflammation of the joints and these injections will not help us unless we happen to have an inflammatory condition in addition to FMS.

    I started with a pain specialist who helped me get relief from my pain. My rheumy sent me to physical therapy where I learned these exercises which I was able to do even when bedridden from fatigue (I also have CFIDS). The stretching and flexing actually alleviate the pain. Gentle Yoga, Tai Chi, and using my big plastic ball are all helpful.

    When I feel well and it's warm, I work out in the pool and swim laps. I never exercise when I am too tired and I started out slowly and built up. We are all different and have different needs.

    I pray that you get some relief and find a good doc who can help you.

    Love, Mikie
  3. renner43

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    Thank you for your kind words and advice. Robin
  4. heather0218

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    Renner, I'm sorry to hear that you lost your doctor. As someone who happens to live in Albany and just learned that Prolotherapy may be among the best non-surgical option to effectively treat a slipping rib, I'm curious to know which Dr. you were seeing (and what type of Dr he is). I need to do a lot more research on Prolotherapy before I know whether or not it's a route I'm interested in taking, but I'm starting to think I'd be willing to try just about anything!<BR>
    I hope that you found an excellent doctor to help with your FM and that you're doing much better 6 years out. And, come to think of it, I hope you read this :)<BR>
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    Welcome to the board!!! Tell us about yourself.<BR>
  6. kat0465

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    My cortisol levels are terribly off. in the day i have none, and by the evening it goes up a small amount. but nowhere close to normal, <BR>
    the Dr who did my 24 hour cortisol saliva test said it didnt surprise him, as most of his fibro/cfs patients have low or no cortisol.<BR>
    Im thinking if your low, maybe your on the wrong med, they put me on Isocort Tabs.<BR>
    for what it's worth i had a Steroid shot for a bad upper respiratory thing, and it did some wierd stuff made me feel really funny, my face got really flushed for a few days.<BR>
    i have had steriod shots before but that was the first time i had a bad reaction. <BR>
    Maybe an endocrinologist cold help.<BR>
  7. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    could you maybe give me some info on something to take for adrenal support??<BR>
    i dont have a clue what supps to take. <BR>
    dont wanna go back on isocort, tired of all the drugs that dont seem to work :(<BR>

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