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    SallyMSO New Member suggest taking one 1,000 mg. of fish oil/Cod Liver Oil for each pound of body weight. I take both because of the high Vit. A in Cod Liver Oil. When I started taking 8 capsules per day my sleep issues improved dramatically. My dosage according to his formula would be even more.

    He says that it helps many issues including sleep, mental sharpness on awakening, allergies, concentration, depression, arthritis, memory, dry hair and skin, fatigue, etc.

    He says that after increasing your fish oil for a while your symptoms return, to cut back for a short while to help your body eliminate the oil, and then resume at a lower dose. Unlike vitamins and minerals whose intake is usually relatively constant, the amounts of essential fatty intake is quite variable so following the above will help fine tune your dose so you can fully benefit from the true miracle health benefits that fish oils provide.

    I wrote this because of questions on my other articles about how my sleep improved so much after increasing fish oil a month ago. It is amazing.. and continues to improve. I slept 8 hours solid last night... amazing as I had been sleeping 2-3-4 hours at a time and awake at night.
    Malic Acid, fruit acid from apples, also improved my life dramatically when I started taking it ten years ago when I found out I had fibromyalgia. (take Malic Acid with food) I went to a lecture about fibromyalgia Dr. Charles Lapp had in Matthews, NC back then and he confirmed Malic Acid and MSM helps.

    This is from Mercola's article.. How Do You Know If You Are Taking Too Much Fish Oil or Omega-3 Fats?
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