Proper progesterone dosing important!

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    I wrote to Dr. Russell Roby about how the progesterone drops helped me so much at first but then it wore off and I wanted to get back the feeling I had when I first started. He wrote back and said that my holistic doc is giving me the wrong dosage!
    I know several of you are trying this protocol, so here is the correct dosage for fibro from his e-mail to me:
    "I want the dose to be 0.5 mg. per dose. That is made by diluting the progesterone 50 mg/ml into 4.5 ml of normal saline. Shake that very thoroughly and place 3 drops under your tongue. That should relieve your symptoms for 12-24 hrs. If it lasts less than 12 hours, try 10 drops at a time."
    I printed this out to take to my doctor.

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    or Does everyone (in perimenopause) get a basic level, and then add more if not enough symptomatic improvement..I was reading in one book about natural hormones, that the lack of progesterone is usually so high, that there may be no need for testing for it, when heading towards menopause..

    Thanks for the update on the progesterone drops,
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    Dr. Roby believes this is key to resolving fibro and so does my holistic doctor (even if she did get the dose wrong). Also, the compounding pharmacist told me it is very hard to OD on progesterone, ie. it's pretty safe.
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    Progesterone is good, but it seems that what is really
    needed is to balance hormones and
    I get the feeling that it might be best to check with a
    doctor or an endocrinologist on this. Just taking
    progesterone in my case isn’t the answer. I have to
    balance my hormones.

    Since I started posting about estrogen dominance
    I’ve heard from numerous people who have taken
    progesterone. Some say it helped them. Some say it
    helped for a little while. Some say they didn’t do well
    at all with progesterone. I know that Dr. Lee stresses
    the use of natural progesterone because the synthetic
    kind can cause unpleasant side effects, but there are
    often other things that need to be considered. Some
    people have to be careful of how much they
    take-especially if they have endometriosis. If I were
    to take progesterone with my endometrioisis it might
    interact with my estrogen and cause my
    endometriosis to bleed into my pelvic cavity. I need a
    doctor to help me find the right balance of estrogen
    and progesterone (if there is such a thing) so that
    doesn’t happen. Balancing my hormones is he**. It is
    very important that you find the right balance of
    estrogen and progesterone to protect your bones if
    you are in menopause or surgical menopause. If you
    have too little of these hormones you could develop
    osteoporosis. I feel I need a doctor to help me make
    sure I have enough estrogen/ progesterone to protect
    my bones. My teeth are cracking and crumbling. I
    think it is due to a hormone imbalance. I believe my
    teeth are much like my bones and they can be
    affected by hormones the same as bones. Estrogen
    only maintains mineral content of bones and many
    times it doesn’t even do that and there is bone loss.
    Progesterone on the other hand builds mineral
    content in bones. My endometriosis operation
    stopped the hormone cycles which stopped the
    bleeding. Starting them up again could very well
    bring back my endo. Yup, balancing my hormones is
    Dr Lee says if you increase progesterone you may
    want to readjust any other hormone supplements you
    take. Since progesterone is a building block for many
    other hormones you may need to reduce the strength
    of the other supplements once your body is receiving
    enough progesterone to make those hormones on its
    own. The very nature of progesterone is that it
    works with and enhances the effect of estrogen so
    you may experience a worsening of estrogen
    dominance symptoms and adjustments may be
    needed before balance is restored. A doctor should
    be able to run tests and help me with that.
    Unfortunately most doctors I run into have a one-size
    fits all mentality when it comes to estrogen.

    I was prescribed estrogen after my hysterectomy.
    I’ve been trying to reduce my estrogen levels through
    diet and although I have a little more energy and am
    sleeping better I don’t think that the diet is going to
    do enough- well maybe it will, I haven’t stayed on it
    long enough to really tell, but I did see a great deal of
    improvement after about a year the last time I tried
    the diet. I feel I need to adjust my supplements (if I
    can)- especially my estrogen. I believe CFS is caused
    by estrogen dominance which is an imbalance of too
    much estrogen to progesterone. Anybody can make
    the changes in their diet to help regulate their
    hormones by eating more phytoestrogen containing
    foods like vegetables and legumes and avoiding
    candida and estrogen promoting foods like sugar,
    refined carbohydrates, yeast and fermented foods.
    This should help them find some relief from estrogen
    dominance. I personally wonder if I’m producing
    enough progesterone. I believe I need help from a
    doctor who can test my progesterone and hormone
    levels to see how much I am producing. It seems that
    lowering my levels of estrogen isn’t necessarily
    raising my levels of progesterone. Progesterone
    levels can fall off even more than estrogen levels at
    menopause. I’d like to raise my progesterone levels if I can.I believe my teeth will be stronger. I feel better when I don’t take estrogen and even the couple of times I
    tried natural progesterone cream, before I decided
    that it probably wasn’t a good idea to do so with my
    endometriosis, I felt so much better. The real trick is
    going to be finding this kind of a doctor who can
    help me balance my hormones. Do they presently
    I wrote some more on hormone balancing and how it
    effects CFS in my post: Estrogen dominance and
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    I'm interested in what Jody asked about too.But the kicker is I do have endometriosis.(so I'm leary about this )I'm gonna research more on this. I have a great nutritional magazine that has a whole 3-4 page article on balancing homones,and what herbs or vitimans help us and lots of good stuff on progeterone cream/wild yam. I ran thru I really need to reread it in peace and quiet~ Thanks!
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    if you can do it on your own, but I feel the dosage probably needs to be exactly as he says, and if you have endometriosis, you should go to his website and submit a question by e-mail about it. He will answer within 24 hrs. In fact, ask him if you can do it on your own, and explain how far away you are from help.
    Let us know what happens.
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    i used natural progesterone cream for 4 years and have now stopped it for 2 months.

    i can't see that it had ever helped any of my CFS/FM symptoms at all.
    the only real help was that the cream kept my periods regular.
    my periods are heavy and always make me ill.
    i will be taking a female hormone profile test but not sure when......things keep cropping up that get in the way and as its expensive i have to make sure i won't need repeat it for a long time.

    Klutzo i have homoepathic progesterone drops to take after the test. are these the type you have ? it doesn't sound like it but just to make sure i thought i would ask.

    its crazy that this basic info [hormone tests] are so hard to access. this is important info for women to have.

    cheers, pinkquartz
  8. klutzo

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    I don't know if your drops are the correct dosage or not, but they sound like the right thing. Over here the right thig is by prescription only at compounding pharmacies.
    I also used progesterone creme for over 2 yrs. and it did not help me either. The drops are different.
    The creme made my breasts swell up and hurt horribly and made me crave chocolate so bad I would kill anyone who got between me and my chocolate, but the drops did not make me swell and actually have diminished my choco cravings to almost nothing, so they must be very different in some fundamental way.
    Let me know how you do on the drops.