prostagladins inflammation and pain

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    In Dr. Lee’s book “What Your Doctor May
    Not Tell You About Premenopause” p.140 he
    says that an imbalance of prostaglandins can
    lead to heart disease, immune system
    disfunction, inflammation, pain and PMS.
    Supplements such as evening primrose oil
    and borage oil contain high levels of
    gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) oils which
    stimulate the anti-inflammatory
    prostaglandins. These can be helpful to deal
    with symptoms of prostaglandin imbalance.
    Dr. Lee says “One of the easiest ways to get
    your prostaglandins out of balance is to eat
    foods that contain hydrogenated oils
    (trans-fatty acids) found in margarines and in
    most cakes, cookies and chips, which show
    up on the label as ‘partially hydrogenated’.
    These synthetic oils block the effect of the
    natural oils which have important and potent
    regulatory effects on your prostaglandins.”
    Eating rancid oil also creates prostaglandin
    “Other causes of imbalanced prostaglandins
    are too much sugar in the diet, viral illnesses
    such as herpes and ...stress. The release of
    stress hormones stimulates the
    inflammation-producing prostaglandins,
    which may be good news if you’re injured or
    fighting off an illness but causes chronic
    problems such as PMS when it is a daily
    occurrence. Inflammation raises both cortisol
    and estrogen levels and it suppresses
    progesterone” (which could lead to further
    problems involving estrogen dominance).
    Many people use aspirin because it blocks
    prostaglandins and in the process reduces
    inflammation, but aspirin wasn’t meant to be
    used on a continuous basis so that it
    continuously depresses our prostaglandin
    The so called essential fatty acids (EFAs)
    found in “good oils” such as borage oil,
    evening primrose oil and flax seed oil as well
    as pumpkin oils and walnut oils” can be very
    useful for treating inflammation-related
    symptoms in the short term, but normally we
    only need tiny amounts of these oils. “Using
    the relatively huge amounts of the EFAs
    found in supplements over the long term
    without addressing the underlying cause is
    just going to create yet another imbalance in
    your body.”
    It is also possible that zinc deficiency
    contributes to essential fatty acid imbalances,
    since zinc, vitamin C, and some B vitamins
    are needed to make the conversion from an
    unsaturated oil to the needed EFAs.”
    Estrogen increases copper and decreases zinc
    levels Estrogen dominance can result in a
    deficiency of zinc.

    This article caught my eye because it mentioned
    how herpes viruses affect prostaglandin production. I've been looking for a link between herpes and chronic pain and I thought that this was an interesting tidbit.

    I recommend that anyone with CFS read Dr.
    Lee’s books “What Your Doctor May Not
    Tell You About Menopause The
    Breakthrough Book On Natural
    Progesterone” and “What Your Doctor May
    Not Tell You About Premenopause”. It
    seems to me that so much of what he calls
    estrogen dominance applies to the symptoms
    of CFS.


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    The resources I am unaware of! ohmyaching ,thankyou for this info.I am currently looking into B-12/Folic Acid,many nerve issues are related there.I have read about the HHVs staying dormant in spinal cord,and *activating* at time of stress,I wonder if the nerve damage,combined w/homonal changes activate the HHV then producing pain that our messes up sensors enhance.??? peace,eZ