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    has anyone taken the medication known as Flomax for an enlarged prostate?
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    Sorry you haven't gotten any responses. My hubby took Hytrin for the prostate, but it did him no good. In his case he has prostatitis. The only thing he responds to is Levaquin (antibiotic) so far he has taken 2 months of it and is still not cured. It can take several months to cure an infected prostate though.
    He has seen 3 doctors and undergone multiple tests. Nothing found that was unusual. Never can tell just how the prostate gets infected, however it is a gland and is suseptible to infection as any other.
    I do not know if this is the case with you and there can be a few causes for prostate trouble. I know though just what it can be like to go through this...have been there 100% for my hubby.
    He says when it is acting up and uncomfortable that warm soaks in the tub do soothe a bit.
    I wish you luck!