Protandim: breakthrough in anti-aging on Prime Time Live

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    Did anyone else see the segment about Protandim, a longevity supplement, on Prime Time Live tonight? I've written some of the info I got from the show tonight in case others are interested or have had experience with using it.
    It effects the levels of T-Bars in our blood, which is a rough indicator of a person's age. T-Bars can identify a condition known as oxidative stress, a kind of measure on the wear and tear on our bodies.

    Oxidative stress can lead to disease and malfunction and aging. As we get older some of the toxic radicals in our cells can overwhelm our enzymes and wreak havoc.

    It's turned out that vitamins C and E aren't powerful enough to fight these free radicals. Protandim revs up the good enzymes in our bodies; more enzymes, fewer free radicals to harm us.

    Normally oxidative stress increases with age but with the use of Protandim (one pill per day) it reverses the level of oxidative stress to that of a new born. It works like this for anyone of any age, whether you're 40 or 80 years old.

    Tests on mice found that they lived 20% longer. Human lifespan may be eventually be expanded too, perhaps as much as 50%. That might be in the order of living to be 130 to 150 years old.

    The pill Protandim has the ingredients of 5 plant ingredients like green tea, or tumeric, and others I couldn't pronounce.

    High oxidative stress is linked to hundreds of illnesses and is at the very center of many diseases; liver disease, diabetes, asthma, mental diseases, altzheimer's disease...

    They make no claims of curing or preventing any diseases but hope that when enough studies are done they may be able to make such claims in the future. Clinical studies to assess Protandim in both diabetes and heart disease should start in about 3 months.

    I looked it up on the web and it is selling for about $50 for a one month supply.

    I've copied a bit of info from a site on Protandim which will shed a little more light on the subject.

    I would be interested to hear if anyone has tried this and its possible effects to help fight autoimmune diseases.

    Best regards,

    ---------info copied from "fight aging" web site----
    Protandim is not an antioxidant, but its patent-pending formulation induces the body to produce more of its own natural antioxidant enzymes, thereby utilizing biology not chemistry to fight oxidation.

    The body's primary antioxidant is Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and its levels have previously been shown to be directly correlated to aging in 14 different species, including humans. Species with the highest amounts of SOD live the longest and any increase in SOD corresponds to an increase in lifespan. According to separate studies conducted by John Tower, a molecular biologist at the University of Southern California, and by molecular biologist John Phillips of the University of Guelph in Ontario, the extended time of life was youth. Old age was postponed.


    After very promising pre-clinical results, Protandim is currently undergoing human trials at the renowned Webb-Waring Institute of Cancer, Aging and Antioxidant Research (Webb-Waring). Although the duration of the studies will continue for a period that extends past the projected product release timeframe, there is already enough data to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the Protandim product
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    I didn't see it, but thanks for the info! You went to a lot of trouble to share this with us.

    It is certainly something to watch and be excited about. Isn't it incredible the knowledge that the medical field is gaining every day? Just amazes me.

    Let us know if you decide to try it out.


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    I saw the show! I would really like to try it, but ya know that's another cost, like I don't already have enough med costs. Since it hasn't been out that long, I'd really like to see people with immune problems use it, and report.

    I don't know. Might spring for it at some point.

  4. The LifeVantage company is having the reps use the same 2005 video on Youtube to promote the product. At first glance, I thought the studies on the mouse longevity were directly related to a Protandim/Mouse study, which it is not. I contacted Dr. Joe McCord via email and he said the reference to the mice living 20% longer is applied to a study done by a doctor out in Irvine, CA in which he genetically modified the mice to produce more catalase (I could be wrong here, but the point is that the mice were genetically modified, not fed Protandim).<BR>
    Very sadly, there is no proof Protandim will extend a mouse's life by 20%.<BR>
    Regards, Larry
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    Well I did try it. It's dang expensive! I got no results what so ever. Didn't feel even the least bit better. To expensive to try for an extended period if it doesn't help even a little at first.<BR>
    Next I tried Anatabloc. I found it did help the inflammation I have in my shoulder. It's very expensive also, but I feel a little better at least. What it doesn't do is help nerve pain which is the main fibro problem.<BR>
    Now if they would only develope something for nerve pain that doesn't have terrible side effects, they would have a winner.<BR>
  6. kbak

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    Well I did try it. It's dang expensive! I got no results what so ever. Didn't feel even the least bit better. To expensive to try for an extended period if it doesn't help even a little at first.<BR>
    Next I tried Anatabloc. I found it did help the inflammation I have in my shoulder. It's very expensive also, but I feel a little better at least. What it doesn't do is help nerve pain which is the main fibro problem.<BR>
    Now if they would only develope something for nerve pain that doesn't have terrible side effects, they would have a winner.<BR>
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    It's another cost at this point. I'm not willing to try it until I hear more.

    If it works well, I bet it'll come up again and well get more answers before we invest.

    It's crazy that there is so much out there and we could spend a fortune on all of it. I'm glad we have the board so we can share experiences. Even then, some things work wonders for some of us and not at all for others.

    I'll let you know if I break down and try some.:)

    Take care,
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    The one about college kids using Ritalin and Adderal to assist them learn and do better in school. These kids had no problem getting these strong stimulants from docs and sharing them with their friends or selling them. This is scary.

    Love, Mikie
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    My husband wants to try some so I'm going to order it.

    I'll let you know if it has any effect on either of us.

    It better not be some cruel joke where I end up living to be 130 years old with FM/CFS. That's all I need is people saying, "you don't look sick" for 80 more years. :)

    But seriously, if this works against fighting free radicals and giving me more enzymes, maybe it'll help with the FM/CFS by improving my immune system.

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    i don't know if i want to live that long w/fibro etc....
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    Just wanted to tell you guys I have been following this product now for about three years.

    Originally Lifeline Pharma the company that makes Protandim was working with CereMidix who was developing it. The active ingredient called CMX-1152 is a peptide that stimulates the brain to make it's own antioxidants SOD, glutithione and something else which I can't remember. This was very cutting edge technology and demonstrated significant increase in mice longevity.

    However the two companies partnership fell through and CereMidix pulled CMX 1152 and did not let Lifeline use it.

    The product Protandim that is being sold now is NOT
    CMX 1152. Protandim is just a combination of herbs.

    Lifeline had a huge investment in this product and could not get the ingredient that made it the anti-aging breakthrought that it was supposed to be but they needed to make something so they came up with Protandim.

    Remember the studies showing increased longevity in mice used CMX 1152.

    My sister was following this product also and she ordered the Protandim (I don't know why). She actually got the guy to give her a free bottle of the stuff. I guess she took it and hasn't ordered anymore.

    My advice to you all is save your money. If you must order it try to get a free bottle. I'm sure it's a pretty worthless product.

    I also told everyone not to buy any product saying it contains Hoodia gordonia. This product is for weight loss. I have been following this product for about 4 years also.

    Real Hoodia is not available yet. Hoodia is a slow growing cactus growing only in Africa. It is a protected species and it is going to be marketed by a company called Phytopharm out of England. This company was originally in partnership with Pfiser and Pfiser spent millions trying to manufacture the compound P57. P57 is the synthetic form of Hoodia. But the efforts to make a synthetic were a failure.

    Now Phytopharm is trying to grow enough Hoodia to manufacture to put on the market. Just recently Phytopharm has joined with a big food marketing company and they are going to package the Hoodia supplements . However clinical studies are still underway to test for safety so the real Hoodia probably will not be availabe for at least a year.

    Big controversy requarding Hoodia, Phytopharm and the San people of Africa. The San people are getting some of the royalties from the sale of Hoodia whenever it does come to market. Hoodia only grows in the San territory. Now I believe Phytopharm is growing Hoodia on farmes in Africa. But Hoodia takes 5 years to mature.

    In summary Protandim does not contains CMX 1152 and real Hoodia gordonia is not available yet.

    Have a nice day
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    From what I have read glutithione supplements are not effective so are a waste of money. I was waiting for the real product containing CMX 1152 because the scientist who was working on it has some pretty impressive credientials. I think the issue might have been saftey. Taking CMX 1152 was supposed to be like getting the antioxidants from 30 pounds of vegetables. The original product was going to be made form a substance extracted from the brain of gold fish. If you google Protandim and CMX 1152 you can read all about it. Interesting stuff but it just didn't pan out.

    I'm on the Marshall Protocol now and this is the real deal. I'm getting better all the time. Do a google search on Marshall Protocol and visit the MP website.

    The Marshall Protocol does not use supplements only FDA approved safe prescription medications.

    Immunesupport has articles by Dr. Trevor Marshall so go to the top of the page here and click Library and you will find the articles.

    Take care
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    I have spent all morning looking into ways of combating oxidative stress and not really found any answers - and here it is! Fantastic news.

    There is another post around that talks about the damage it does and I'm afraid I can't remember what the post is called, but it's worth a look.

    Cheers for this
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    Regarding Protandim ... I have noticed that most of these posts were from 2005 and 2006 when Protandim was originally introduced. There are studies done on Protandim and the scientist/doctor that founded Protandim discovered the enzyme Superoxide Dismutase and his research is on Free Radicals. I have see amazing results with consumers of this product. If anyone on this post would like to know more I would love to share my experience with them and the expereince of others.
  15. Darlene1965

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    Hi Kris ... was wondering if you found more information on Protandim ? It is scientifically proven to reduce oxidative stress which we know oxidative stress is related to many diseases. I have seen numerous consumers on the product have great results. &lt;BR&gt;
    You sate above that the bodies primary antioxidant is Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) which as you may or may not know is an enzyme discovered by the very Dr. that came up with protandim. His study is in Free Radicals and protandim actually goes into the cells and tells them to produce more SOD and catalase.&lt;BR&gt;
    It now has 3 Patents on the composition of the product. &lt;BR&gt;
    The Drs. name is Dr. Joe McCord and if you look up Superoxide Dismutase under wikipedia you will see the two Drs. that discovered this enzyme. He has quite a reputation to upkeep so I must say that I am sure he wouldn't put out a shotty product if he himself did not think the results would be sufficient.
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    I have been taking Protandim for 3 months I am 68 years old and have found that I have more energy, much calmer am not out of breath after donig strenuous activities and feel great. I have friends who's bad cholesterol levels have dropped over 30 points after just 2 months and another friend who's thyroid levels have returned to normal. go to to see more on this amazing scientific breakthrough
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    Welcome to the board. Interesting that your posts, within days of each other, are about this same product available at the same website where, we actually can purchase this &quot;miracle&quot; cure.&lt;BR&gt;
    I mean, what are the odds?&lt;BR&gt;