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    I do not know how this person originally got your email address, but a common way is from forwarded emails. I would suggest that you never reply to any email you have doubts about. When you do you are confirming that your email address is indeed a valid one. If it is threatening in anyway contact the authorities. Otherwise simply delete it. If you know that this is the same person using both email addresses to write to you and they are the least bit threatening or suggestive report them to the authorities.

    So many people click on forward and add their friends all in the “To:” column. That means that everyone who receives the email also gets everyone else’s email. I get tons of emails from friends who do this no knowing that they are putting others at risk.

    Every email program I know of has the ability to send to “BCC” or blind carbon copy so that all email addresses are hidden except for the sender. I won’t even attempt to try telling people how here because every email program is different, but you can look up “BCC” or Blind Copy” in help and get step by step instructions.

    Another thing people do when forwarding emails is not removing the email addresses already included. They can easily be selected with your mouse and deleted. Never pass on other peoples email addresses to others unless you are writing to a group who already knows each other such as all family.

    One more thing about forwarding. How often do you get a forwarded message that is nested inside countless others and you have to open one after another to finally see the original message? If you get one like that and it is worth passing on then hit forward on the last one you open. Not the one that was sent to you. And remember to delete all the email addresses that might have became part of the message.

    If anyone does not understand what I am talking about forwarding emails let me know and I will try to make it clearer. Help keep the emails you send neater and protect the identities and email addresses of all of your friends. If people send you emails with your email visable along with everyone else’s tell them to use “BCC”. Copy and send this to them if you feel you can’t explain it.

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    For the great reminder.

    How's your sister doing?


    Nancy B
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    For that important info.I've always seen the BCC option on my Outlook Express but never really knew what it meant.So let me know if I'm picking it up correctly,as I've only been online for about 8 months & I'm still a novice at this PC lark,lol.
    For example if I'm sending an email to 3 contacts I should address it to one of them & put my other 2 contacts in the BCC box,then each of them will receive an email from me with my details only.
    Thanks again for the advice Larry,
    Best Wishes Paul
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    You should address the email to yourself if anyone and put all the others in the BCC field. If you put one persons email address in the To field everyone who gets the email gets that email address. If it is yours it doesn't matter because they get your anyway when you email to them.

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    for that Larry.Now it makes sense.Your a PC genius.

    Wonder if you can help me with a problem re spam emails.Keep get emails from different email
    addresses(roughly about 1 per day) advising me of share tips for obscure,mainly US companies.Of course I just delete them but they're so annoying,lol.
    Any tips you can give me other than changing my email address.Currently have full McAfee Security Centre,or should that be Center,lol.
    Thanks again,Paul.
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    It would help to know what email program you are using. I wish I could say I only got one a day. I probably get 100. There are a couple of programs that try to capture junk mail and filter it out for you, but I don't think you get enough for it to be worth the bother.

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    Must seem like I'm complaining about nothing seeing as you get about 100 spam emails each day,lol.
    I have 2 email addresses,one is Hotmail which I only use rarely & keep it totally separate from Outlook Express thro which I use my main email from Talktalk,my Internet provider.
    My Hotmail is totally fine,but it's the one thro Talktalk which I get most spam emails,but as you say,as its only about 1 per day,it's hardly worth being too concerned about.The only thing that got me a little worried was last week when a Trojan infected my PC,which said was delivered via spam email,but when I scanned my PC this was sufficient to trace it & delete it.
    Thanks for all the advice Larry,it would probably cost me about £1/per min if I were to phone the Dell engineers for advice,maybe you should set up a wee sideline,lol.
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    I do have a sideline. It is how I pay for my toys, but I can't charge my friends here.

    If you have a good antivirus program installed it will scan your email as it arrives and you won't get infected. At least the chances are much better. There are even some good free ones that beats spending a lot of money.

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    You wouldn't believe how many people don't know how to copy and paste or even bother to delete the email addys on the forwards. I always do, but I don't forward much. I always send BCC, it is easy using Apple Mail for the Macs.

    There just isn't much going around that is worth forwarding in my opinion.

    Thanks for your post, Larry!

    Take care,
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    I would belive. I have been teaching people how to use computers and software for 15 plus years. The biggest problem is a lack of training.

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    Since you use Outlook Express, highlight the spam e-mail
    Go to message in the toolbar and then click block sender,
    after that the spam message will go straight to the deleted items. You will never see it again.
    That works with many many spam messages,so you can add as many as you like.I use mine all the time b/c I'm forever getting spam.
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    Thanks so much for all your excellent advice.I'm gonna take a copy of parts of this thread for future ref.As you say Larry,lack of training is the main problem.
    I just got a PC last year & it was like "where do I start?",lol,but I'm learning something new everyday,so thanks again.
    Larry,have just checked out your website & your photos & paintings are very impressive.
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    I am glad I could help. Any time you have questions feel free to ask.

    I am glad you enjoyed the paintings and photos. Painting is one of the things I took up when I found out I was not going to be able to do most of the stuff I used to. I really didn't know if I had any talent or not and some times I still wonder.