Protein drinks/dehydration/kidney failure?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bobbycat, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. bobbycat

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    I was drinking protein drinks every morning for quite awhile to try to boost my energy. My Dr did some blood work up on me and found that my kidney test was showing some kidney failure however, I was not at the danger zone. We started eliminating any meds that could cause it and I was tested every four weeks. The test were the same. I started researching it on the net. I found too much protein could cause it. I went off the protein drinks and I was tested in four weeks and my kidneys have improved. It appears to be because of me going off the protein. There could be one more thing. I get dehydrated and since they cannot get blood out of me easily I drank three 16oz of water prior to the test which could have also affected the results as I know dehydration can affect your kidneys. I am posting this for informational purposes only as everyone is different. I just wanted to inform people in case if they happen to start having problems they have another avenue to look to.
  2. luigi21

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    Yeah high protein levels are found in people with water infections, so this problem with your kidneys comes as no surprise due to too much protein. Everything in moderation. Protein's good because it used in the ribosomes the building blocks of the cell, but as always too much of anything is never good. Thanks for the posting, hope all is well now.
  3. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    I wonder if the too little water wasn't as much a factor as the too much protein drink. Dehydration has multiple negative effects.

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