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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by luigi21, Jul 19, 2012.

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    Has anyone ever tried protein shakes for fibro, just that they contain alot of amino acids which is what cells are made of, was just an idea i might try considering the physiological aspects of the condition. what do you think?

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    Over the years I have read every muscle mag out there. Not to look like the Hulk but to understand what supplements may help with FMS. I have a whey/casin protein shake every morning with Rice Milk and as many different fruits as I can get my hands on, organic and frozen work really well.

    Pick up a muscle mag or two and do a little research on best proteins to take and when to take them, some help at night and keep your body from catabolizing muscle when you sleep because you are fasting. So twice a day works for me. Just go easy on fruit and such as night because you are just adding calories. Anyone, whether you have FMS or not creates tiny muscle tears all day long and you need a good sleep and food to rebuild and repair muscle tissue.

    It does help and for me for breakfast is cheaper and healthier than any breakfast I can think of , plus it's easy and quick cleanup if you are in a hurry.

    Just be careful you don't get a whey protein with sucralose or one of those as you can mess up your stomach especially if you have IBS to go along with your FMS. I get it with Stevia in it and have it with Rice Milk(water works but taste yucky) .

    Let's us know if it helps you.

  3. luigi21

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    thanks for the information bobby. I'm a woman by the way so i'm not seeking to look like the Hulk LOL! (just picturing that for a second). But like i said i have read they contain essential amino acids, and alot of the stuff that people are posting about mitrochondria dysfunction. Just looking for the best brand really for women, if any women are taking it, as i understand there is no sex applicable to the powders so i'm just looking for an isolate protein powder, not for weight gain, but muscle repair and recovery.

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    I use Spiru-Tein mix with water and fruit.. this is my breakfast and if I don't feel up to fixing a meal I will use this.. I like it because it is so easy.. Not sure if it helps but hasn't hurt..Sometimes I also mix flax seed with it..


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