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    proverb, I had a reaction to a flu shot several yrs ago that had thimerisol in it. a mercury based preservative that is in alot of vaccines. I found out after the fact that it had thimersol in it. my arm blew up like a balloon and itched. I have refused to take the hep b vaccine since then. i found out I was allergic to thimerol by using a contact lens soln with it in there and it broke my eyes out.

    skee, I am so glad you shared the disablility info. got me scared my income has been cut in half over the last 2 yrs. thank god i have a hubby that cooks and cleans. i kept thinking i would get better but it seems i am going the other way.
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    wow skee you are the only person i have ever talked to that had this happen to them. you know they did a study yrs ago on thimersol that linked the thimersol they put in the vaccines given to babies to autism. it was banned for use in the vaccinaitions. I think there was going to be a law passed recently to keep it out of everythng.

    I have wondered if thimersol can be related to any cases of fibro? it has mercury in it and mercury has been linked to all kinds of problems[This Message was Edited on 08/04/2006]
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    hi skee wow, i didn;t know the reaction was 1 % to thimersol.

    I need to ask you about the fiillings you had removed. I recently had 4 removed on one side of my mouth and I went thru hell with that. paid alot of money and one absessed then i had a root canal. but I still have onel left to remove. now since i had the mercury removed I have gotten so much sicker. when you had your amalgams removed was there a significant improvement in your health?