Provigel - What I have learned 8mths+ on it

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    First and for most, after 11 years having Fibromyalgia and received a sleep study test 1.5 yeras ago. I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who thinks or has Fibro or CFS to have one. I think it should be part of the criteria of diagnosis. Sleep is the backbone of why Fibro/CFS exists.After the study I was diagnosed me with "idopathic hypersonmia" which has the same symptoms as Fibro. Anyway, I got on Provigel. It SIGNIFICANTLY releaved my muscle pain at least 60% when I exercise 90%. It kept me from falling asleep during meetings at work and driving. It has not helped my "fibro-fog" which is disappointing. I have tried many drugs, varoius physical thearpy and hands down it has helped the most. It took a 2-3 weeks to kick in. Hope this helps someone. Robin
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    But it had the opposite effect on me. The first day, it made me higher than a kite. I kept cutting the dose down until it was 1/4 of what was recommended and still, I felt groggy and tired.

    It could have been a paradoxical reaction or it could have been the interaction with my Klonopin. Who knows? What works for one of us doesn't always work for another.

    An article in an FMS newsletter stated that the benefits of Provigil can be had by adding a little caffeine in the morning for much less money. Provigil is expensive.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have CFID as well as Fibro. Provigil works wonders for me.
    I was falling asleep during the day and I almost fell asleep while driving. Thanks goodness for it. I have found also that taking a high B Complex Vitamin helps. Especially
    when taking it with the Provigil. My muscle pain is also not as severe.