provigil and insurance companies

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by keke1972, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. keke1972

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    Are people here having trouble getting their insurance companies to pay for provigil? I tried to have my prescription filled tonight and my insurance rejected it. The pharmacist explained to me that my dr. would have to call the insurance company to have it approved..........The prescription was 210.00!! Thanks for replies,Kristen
  2. Cakedec

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    Do you belong to a Cosco warehouse club? Try getting it filled there. They are cheaper there than anyplace else, even if you don't have insurance. We got a bottle of tetracycline for $11 without any insurance! Good luck.

  3. elsa

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    I have seen several people here have some problems
    with their insurance companies. I never had any problems
    with mine ... but that might be because we have a large co

    It isn't because provigil is such a scary drug that
    insurance companies are being such jerks about it. It's
    because there is not a generic choice for it yet. The I.C.
    has no option but to pay the large price for a rx.

    If your doctor writes the rx for "excessive daytime sleepiness" that is enough to cover it. It was originally
    approved for those exact words plus narcolepsy, and swing
    shift employees. If you've had a sleep study done, then
    they really can't refuse you.

    Good luck on this. There was a poster recently,( can't
    remember the name ) who was having insurance problems with
    provigil ... a responder gave great advice ... she being
    an insurance agent. Maybe you could put provigil in the
    search box and locate it.

    Whatever lies ahead, don't let the insurance company
    make you feel bad about this. Provigil is not a DEA big
    boy scheduled drug and it is not an amphetamine ... it
    just carries a big price tag ...

    Talk soon,