Provigil - anyone tried it and want to share

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kat211, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. kat211

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    My dr prescribed me Provigil b/c ritalin wasn't working anymore on Monday. Today is the first time I have taken it. I have a raging headache, but I have had that for 2 days now. I am also sweating like I used to when I was 19 and would work out 2 hours a day 5 days a week. I am working the yard, but I haven't sweat this much from working in the yard, well ever!

    I think it has given me some extra energy, but I'm not positive if it is from staying active or the meds. I am also thinking much more clearly. which I LOVE! I actually feel sharp for the first time in years.

    So, if anyone has experience with this med, please share with me.

  2. gapsych

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    I am taking Nuvigil which is a form of Provigil with an isomer removed so it does not have as many side effects. I thought maybe it was just a promotional gimmick but since the first month is free, I decided I would try it. Surprisingly, I do like the Nuvigil better and it costs the same as the Provigil.

    Headache is a classic side effect especially when first starting Provigil, but usually will go away once your body adjusts. I would sometimes get a slight headache if I did not take the Provigil for a few days but this has not happened since switching to the Nuvigil.

    You may be on a higher dosage than needed if you are getting symptoms of sweating, nervousness etc. but talk to your doctor about that. I did not get these symptoms when starting. Provigil should have a more subtle effect than an "extreme boost" then crash. But we all react differently.

    I take half of the recommended dosage of Nuvigil and also did that with the Provigil. Your dosage may vary. It has grealy improved the quality of my life.

    You might ask your doctor about the Nuvigil. As I said, you can get the first month's prescription for free.

    Keep us posted.
  3. gapsych

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  4. kat211

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    I'm working in the yard again and I'm not having the excessive sweating like I did yesterday. I am also very mentally alert, which is great b/c I'm not just staring at the plants I'm actaully planting them.

    I have also noticed that my pain level has decreased. I expected to be hurting today b/c of all the work i did in the yard yesterday, but I am feeling surprisingly well.

    I think it has curbed my appetite too.

    I'm very curios what side effects people have had while using this that made them switch to the nuvigil.
  5. prabun29

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    I have been on Provigil for 8 years and feel GREAT!! I take 1 pill a day. My daughter who has CFS also takes 3 pills a day and it's the only way she can function as a kindergarten teacher. It has been a wonder drug for us.

    Good luck,
  6. isiselixir

    isiselixir New Member

    I take 100mgs provigl and 10mgs ritalin each day. I used to be on 200mgs provigil by itself but it seemed to face in its effects over time. Provigil helps me stay awake during the day but it doesn't "give" me energy. I wish! It basically just makes it so I don't sleep and nap all day like I was before. I am thankful for it and I've never had any negative side effects. The first day I took ritalin I noticed heart palpatations but the following day and ever since I've had no problems. I am glad it seems to improve your thinking but I'm sorry to hear about your headache. What dose are you on?

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