PROVIGIL!!! not working

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chp1298, Oct 18, 2005.

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    I have been taking the 200 mg for a week. The first day I was so excited I did not feel sleepy all day and had no prob falling asleep. SInce then I have seen absolutely no difference whatsoever. I feel sleep and tired just as usual. If it doesnt kick in soo I will drop it.... one less pill to swallow. I tried cutting it in half and taking 1 in early am and 1 at 11 am,no difference and today I took a 200 at 6am and at 12 pm and still no difference. I am SO disappointed with it.

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    Works for some people and not so well for others,you could try to up the dose to see if a higher dose would be helpful.The maximum allowed daily dosage for provigil is 600mg.Also if you do get it to work for you then you will probably need to not take it on certain days due to developing tolerance to it and it's effectiveness being decreased.God bless.
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    My doc prescribed the 100mg to start with for a week, then increase to 200mg.

    After being on that dose for a month or so, it's not helping. My doc suggested continuing 200mg in the AM & 100mg by 1PM. I tried that~but, it made me crazy- I could NOT sleep!

    I am trying different doses right now, breaking the 100mg in half- trying 150 in the morning & 50mg at 1pm - still having a problem with sleep.

    I have to call my doc again for suggestions.

    I have talked to others who have said:
    Do not take Provigil on consecutive days.
    Take it only on days that you are going to "need" it, no more than every other day.
    Be sure to give your body "off" days to rest.
    Take the lowest dose possible.

    Maybe if you give your body a few days "off" as a break from the Provigil- then try again? You might want to start with your half & half method. If 200mg initially worked for you, maybe you need to increase it by only 100mg? So maybe 200 in AM & 1/2 around noon? Check with your doc first though before continuing to mess around with the dosage.

    Good Luck with the Provigil, I hope this or something else works for you.


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