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  1. knitsnfits

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    Hi all,I am new to the site but not new to the pain and fatigue. I just wanted to tell you about a med. that has really helped me. Two years ago my rheumy tried me on Provigil and it has given me alot of my life back. It only helps with fatigue and brain fog. The pain is always still there but I don't have to sleep everyday or spend days on the couch feeling useless. It is a narcolepsy med actually. Only problem is it is very expensive. I was just so sick of sickness after 14 years of it and at least my days are more productive now. I just wanted to pass that along!
  2. revlcb

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    I've used Provigil in the past with great results. The script was written for twice/day but I only took it when I knew I would have to be alert. What was the best benefit was that it didn't keep you up all night after taking the second dose in the afternoon.

    Will be going to the Dr. again after the sleep test and will be requesting Provigil again.
  3. tngirl

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    Provigil is working for me too! Luckily my insurance covers all but $40 copay.

    I also feel it has given me a lot of my life back and increased my enjoyment of life in general.

    I still have the pain, but it is allowing me to function much more normally.
  4. BlueSky555

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    I haven't been on here in long time so hello to all!

    I am on the provigil and it does help. I was having problems staying awake during the day. Then, one day I was on my way home from the grocery store and I fell asleep and ran off the road, straddling the ditch for a ways and can't remember how I got back onto the road. Yes, I did wreck my car but I was SO close to home and drove the car on home.

    Now, even though I don't drive very much, at least I know I can take 1/2 of one of the provigils and drive safely. I was so thankful because it could have been worse and I could have hurt someone else; gee that's horrible to think about.

    However, it IS very expensive but so are vehicles.

    Thanks for the post; good advice.

  5. PrariWolf

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    I was prescribed Provigil after a sleep study. I used it for about a week and must say it didn't do much. But I did have a weird side effect which was horrible back spasms. I finally had to stop taking it. It took the whole week to realize that it was the Provigil causing the spasms, which got progressively worse the entire time, and they took about a month to subside after that, even with a chiropractor's help.
  6. wyattsmom

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    And on most days I love it. Some days 2 pills don't work for me, but I am just counting the days it does help me. I hope it doesn't wane and not work at some point like most other meds.
  7. cczub

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    My insurance doesn't cover it unless I have a sleep study done (which they don't cover either). My doctor gave me a 3 week trial and it helped a little for the first few hours then I would crash. Plus it made me jittery.

    Was really hoping it would work as my fatigue is getting pretty bad. It's getting harder to get through the day without feeling I'm going to pass out.
  8. ForeverFly

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    Does anyone find that provigil wears off quickly, making you want more than the recommended dose? Also, at times, I can barely keep my eyes open (I think because thay are so dry & I wear contacts). Any suggestions?

    Thank you,
  9. knitsnfits

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    Every now and then I do find that the drug loses it's effectiveness for me. The answer is not to up the dose! That is never a good idea. What I do is take a drug holiday. I usually do it on the week-end when I can be a slug. By day 3 when I take it again I take only 1/2 the prescribed dose and it seems to kick in again. I read that more than 400mg is useless. I usually take 200mg in the AM as a rule and then 100mg if needed at around 1:00 PM.
  10. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    It really helps me a lot. Took a month or so to get used to it and get the dosage right. I usually take 200mg am, 100mg pm. I also give myself an occassional drug holiday when I notice it's losing it's effectiveness.

    My ins. doesn't cover it at all...$10 per pill is what it was costing me, and I was getting samples from my Dr. He suggested getting it from an online "Canadian" pharmacy. I found a good site and got the generic version for $2 per pill, works just the same as the US brand name (generic not avail in US).

    If anyone wants to know the website, let me know. I don't know if youre supposed to post that kind of stuff here.

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  11. janasw1

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    I'm glad it's working for you and so many others!
    I tried it for a very short time, maybe I didn't give it enough time either but it just made me very shaky and irritable, I like NEVER stopped pacing and I found it harder to concentrate...

    I'm taking Prohealth's "think clear" now for brain fog which is working WONDERS, and I'm still working on the fatigue...

    Good for you though!
  12. Fleeta

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    Hi hermitlady,I was so happy to learn from you about a generic drug from Canada,for provigil.Also happy that it's helping you.I've been on 100mg of this for close to a month,and have to say it's helping.Only lasts for 3-4 hrs tho.Should I ask Dr for higher dosage?I have the 200mg tablet,but he told me to break in half.I'd appreciate the info on the Canadian site for this generic please.Thank-you,.....fleeta
  13. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    My Dr said it works better to take it twice a day and I agree. He told me I could take 600 mg/day. The most I've taken is 200mg 2x/day. I find that 200 in am and 100 in early afternoon is what works best for me.

    I'll go ahead and post the website, I'm not sure if the mods allow it or not. Let me know if you've seen this post, and then I will delete it.

    This place requires a written Rx. My Dr gave me one especially for ordering large quantities. I think I bought 100 tablets. I faxed my Rx to them and they called me at my home right away to verify all my info.....
  14. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    wondered if you ever came back????
  15. tngirl

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    Not everyones effective dosage will be the same. If I take 100 mg. I could get the same effect from eating an M&M!

    200 works for me. I feel more productive and "normal" than I've felt in....well I can't remember that far back!

    My doctor said it would last about 8 hours and then be gone.

    It does not make me jittery. I don't sleep any worse than I did before the provigil

    When I take it about 7:30 a.m. by 2 p.m. I can tell its going away. I do feel like it gives me more stamina in the evening. Not energy--more stamina. I'm not sure why that is, but its been my experience.

    Thanks for the tip on the Canada pharmacy. My insurance is paying all but $40 copay, but it just makes me mad that drug companies charge so much more here than other countries.
  16. Fleeta

    Fleeta New Member

    I'm sorry for not getting back you you before now.I'm so thankful to you for giving this info.I had a Dr's appt.yesterday...he's going to leave me on the 100mg for now.It's helping alot.Gives me close to 4 hrs of energy.I have sleep apnea.He's changing the presure setting on my machine,and wants to see if this helps with my daytime fatigue,before increasing the provigil.Again...Thanks so much for your response.....fleeta