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    Just read a post elsewhere about a narcoleptic who has been taking provigil for some time. In Aug 02 woke up with double vision. Went thru all the cat, mri, eyd dr and all showed no cause. All Drs. said was not caused by medication but had no explaination for the cause and it was most likely permanent damage. Patient had no sight without the aid of special prism lenses for 5 months. Dr. said all eye muscles had allowed his eyes to cave in.
    Patient decided to stop Provigil on his own and in a few days vision returned and after 20 day it was back to normal. This could be a very rare occurance but if you are taking Provigil just beware if you should have vision problems. All drugs have really bad side effects for a few and do wonders for others. We as patients just need to know what to look for.
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    I have been having vision problems for about the last six months. My eye doc has had to order three or four different contact prescriptions for me. I was worried about him.
    Lately, I have noticed it getting worse.
    I went back to my eye doc just last week to check for macular degeneration. Which he patiently told me I do not have.
    Anyway, I have been taking Provigil and I thank you so much for sharing.
    The side effects do not mention vision problems but I searched further and in rare occasions amblyopia or vision probs do occur. Again, thank you Sofy.
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    Seems this is one of the nastier side effect but not a common one. It seems to go away when the medication is removed.

    I am forewarned and know what to look for, so am going ahead and trying it as soon as I get back from the lab early in the a.m.

    I really need to address my fatigue and cognitive problems so I can get back to work. If this helps, I think the benefits outweigh the potential risks. Now if the potential risks become manifest, then that's another story, but I'll cross that bridge if I come to it.

    Thanks everyone, for all your info and support. I'll keep y'all updated. BTW, is MU moving up? Kinda like the Jacksons, movin' on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky?

    Love, Mikie
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    mu (pronounced moo) = move up, much more fun to say than bump
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    I agree, though, that it's better than bump.

    Love, Mikie