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  1. msurina1

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    Dr. gave me samples of provigil, they were great. My insurance will not cover cost. Walgreen's wants $650.
    Where can I get/purchase it cheaply. Thanks from a desperate Fibro/cfs for 18 yrs.
  2. mjwarchol

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    Sometimes your doctor can get an override if he can prove other meds don't work. I used to take Cylert and I had to have a special approval yearly. Once my doctor submitted the info it was covered. I am not sure if that would be the case or not, but you can try. It's called prior authorization.

    Good luck.

    M J
  3. elsa

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    Wow! You poor thing .... Where do you live? My provigil cost 300.00 without insurance and that was a 60 count bottle. I cannot imagine 650!

    I understand costco pharmacy is more reasonable. Also, Just because insurance turns down the request doesn't mean you have to take it as the end all beat all.

    We have "excessive daytime sleepiness" .... very well documented. Provigil is for "excessive daytime sleepiness". Not much more need saying.

    Insurance companies are a business, they are not going to go blindly through without challenging some costs ... they almost expect you to challenge back.

    Good luck with this ... Provigil makes a big difference in alot of people's lives ....

  4. tilla

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    doctor gave me samples of provigil. I feel asleep after taking a half and slept for three hours. It wasn't helping like the other meds I take, so I stopped. I knew my insurance would give me a hard time about them, so I went back to taking my Adderal XR and Welbutrin. The only problem I seem to have taking them, is occasionally I have trouble staying asleep at night.

    You need permission to take Adderal also. My insurance does not like prescribing it to people over the age of 16.A note from my doctor each year allows me to be covered. He said provigil would be a lot harder to get covered.