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  1. Gretchen12

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    Don't know if my last message was posted. Wanted to know if anyone had used this drug. I tried it for three days and felt better for the first two days, then I came crashing down by the third day. I realize that I was pushing my mind and body beyond capacity. Now I am in bed with the worst crash ever. Has anyone else had this type of reaction with this drug. I was so hopeful the first two days that I had found a miracle cure, then the crash.
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    I have been taking it for 3 months. But realisticly its a false hope drug.

    Why.,...well..its a tremperary fell good so you bust you Arse
    toget work done like We used to...and them crash the next few days for overdoing what you THOUGHT you could do b4.

    The other lady is correct..pace ourselves.......

    Sorta my mind makes contracts my body cant meet!!!!!

    Like yesterday I pushed myself knowing I would be dead today..

    Which I am. Its a trade off thats all.........

    Dont give UP......Baby steps....Baby steps....

    Let me know you can always ask me.......

    Be well

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    Thanks for your input on Provigil. I also believe that the reason I have crashed so hard was that I pushed beyond my abilities. It is sooo hard to learn to pace myself. I want to live the way I used to live and still have not fully accepted that this is impossible. Do you recall the stages:


    I just can't get to Acceptance. Seems like I fluctuate between the first four. I do believe that Acceptance is the key to living with this disease, but it is so terribly difficult to get there.

    Love to you all,

  4. TXFMmom

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    First of all, Adderall is addictive.

    Provigil is not. It is not a true amphetamine.

    It does make one feel more awake and rested, and helps with cognition. Your first impulse is yippee, get some stuff done.

    PACE YOURSELF, so you don't end up in bed for several days afterwards.

    Take the Provigil and slowly improve your production. Most of us are deconditioned. We have to recondition ourselves slowly and tentatively.

    Personally, I think Provigil can be a useful and great addition for most of us.

    Remember, we are not just alike. If we were, then one medicine would be necessary for each condition.
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    I take 200mg every morning...or whenever I get up! LOL It does help me. I'm not near the zombie I used to be, although I'm not the person I once was either. I don't have trouble sleeping like some stimulants affect me. I seem to be thinking clearer and I can get more done, at least mentally. If I take it early enough, I can even get some physical stuff done, ie: grocery shopping. As long as I don't overdo it. Like it's been said...pace yourself!
  6. srh

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    I have been taking Cymbalta for about a week now, I was on Effexior.

    Have been having a lot of anxiety. Everyday, wondering if it might be the Cymbalta.

    Also, the Provigil and Adderall?? What mg are you all taking? 200 Morning & PM or just morning??