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  1. granch

    granch New Member

    To those of you getting great results from the medication Provigil, can you please share the dosage you are taking?
    I would appreciate any info on this.
    Thanks a bunch.
  2. Sweetmia

    Sweetmia New Member

    Hi Granch, I take 600 mgs of Provigil daily--pretty high dose--most find improvement with 200 mgs. I have CFS and
    was not diagnosed until 9 months ago--went undiagnosed for over 20 years!!! I thought I had allergies!! The only other prescription meds I take are thyroid hormone and Remeron for sleep at night. Remeron for sleep is terrific--I take 1/4 tab at night. I do not take any other anti dep--I found they made me feel worse.
  3. epicurean

    epicurean New Member

    I have FM,and I take only 100mg. of Provigil in a.m.-makes all the difference in my energy level-unless I'm in a major flareup!!
  4. Teddifromindy

    Teddifromindy New Member

    Hi granch. I have excessive daytime sleepiness and was first put on 100mg in a.m. It wasn't enough. It was moved up to 200 mg. and that has helped a lot. I will say though at first I was not sure provigil helped, it took me about 2 weeks at the latter dose to start feeling better. Take care, Teddi