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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by proo, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. proo

    proo New Member

    For the second time, I was denied short/long term disability by Prudential because reports of pain and fatigue were "self reported". Has anyone else had any success reporting these condtions another way?

    Many thanks,
  2. pam112361

    pam112361 New Member

    If only we could transfer a small amount of our pain and related issues to those that don't believe. I think that would make my life complete (still miserable but complete).

    Sorry you're having a tough time with your disability.

    Gentle Hugs,
  3. proo

    proo New Member

    My darling friends at Prudential said that since I had self reported symptoms such as pain, fatigue, lack of sleep, cognitive issues to my MD for years, that I could work. I wonder who else they would have expected to report my symptoms. Exercising joints in warm water is the ONLY way I get any relief. Pru. said that if I could swim, I could work since swimming involved since swimming involved more coordination than walking!!!

    Yes, these symptoms had progressed but since I had been seeing my doctor for years, there was no evidence that the symptoms were worse other than my telling her.

  4. serapes

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    I received Prudential disability for 2 years. They then sent a denial letter saying that all my problems were psychological.

    I have fibromyalgia, lupus, osteoarthritis, Raynaud's Syndrome, radial nerve palsy, APS, brain lesions, brain atrophy, cervical stenosis, foramenal stenosis, numerous disc bulges, spondylosis, spondylolysis,...I could go on. These problems are all supported by imaging studies, nerve studies, and bloodwork, etc.

    After my fist appeal Prudential sent me for a neuropsych exam thru a doctor chosen by them. That doctor's report stated that I was not malinguering and so the results are considered to be true and accurate. There were problems with word finding skills, memory, concentration, etc, all of which could be the result of fibro or a number of my other problems.

    They put their own spin on this report and reported a lot of disorders not even indicated on the dx by their neuropsych. I had my own psychologist go over the results with me to be sure I understood them. In other words, their own neuropsych exam supported my claims. My first appeal was denied based on a bunch of garbage the appeals specialist simply made up (schizophrenia, hypochondriasis, and more).

    I filed a second appeal and this time they sent me to their own phsysiatrist. I don't have those results back yet but I can tell you that the doctor they sent me to manhandled me and shoved me down from behind when he asked me to bend over. This sent a painful electric shock down my spine and legs. He also popped my neck (I think on purpose). He was very rough and abusive.

    I hope that you come back to read this and maybe we can talk some more. Prudential will claim that your troubles are psychological no matter how much Objective evidence you have to prove your claim.
  5. justdifferent

    justdifferent New Member

    Of course Prudential will try everything it can to avoid paying out a claim. It's a for-profit insurer. It will gladly take your money when you are well, but just try getting anything back.

    If the US really cares about having a healthy workforce then it has got to do more for workers to support people with medical treatment so they can return to work, and to provide disability benefits to those who cannot work.

    (yes, I am American by birth)

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