??Prozac and Trazodone combo anyone??

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    Well, I saw my psychiatrist today....depression has been getting worse lately. I've been thru some really bad long stretches of depression before and I'm afraid it's happening again.

    Dr. bumped trazodone to 125mg divided into 3 doses (used to just take 50mg at night for sleep) and has me up to 40/60mg prozac on alternating days. She said it should help the aching as well as the depression. I'm wondering if I'm just going to be back to sleeping all the time cuz of the traz during the day.

    Has anyone tried this combo and if so, how did it work for you? Prozac is the only AD that has ever worked without flipping me out w side effects. I'm just a basketcase lately and quite scared that I'll end up in the hospital again.
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    I take Celexa 20 mg. and Trazodone 50 mg. I do occasionally take 40 mg. of Celexa when stress is really bad with my psych's permission.
    When you sleep during the day, how long do you sleep? I should think a nap in the am and pm would not hurt a thing. It does help to lower the pain level.
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    I took prozac and trazadone together for years. Plus a lot of other meds too. I had a sleeping problem (while driving) and mentioned it to the doctor. He prescribed "Provigal". Works like a charm. I can't go to sleep in the daytime even if I want to. LOL It was a life saver for me. You might ask your doctor about it. I'm not taking trazadone now, but, I do still take the prozac and Provigal. Plus all the other meds too.