Prozac with ultram?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gkrrt, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. gkrrt

    gkrrt New Member

    Can you take ultram if you take prozac, I need something for pain and all I have is the lycria and ultram. Dont want to make myseld worse than a am now.......
  2. vixiechix

    vixiechix New Member

    I'm just starting on Ultram...does it give you much relief?
    I'm interested in Lycira too...does it help?
    How long have you been on it?
    I take Effexorm, not prozac.

  3. gkrrt

    gkrrt New Member

    The ultram seems to keep me up and only helps alittle. The Lycria seemed to help me more but now I have some kind of skin thing going on and when I take the Lycria it seems to get worse.
  4. Gail8899

    Gail8899 New Member

    You are not supposed to take any anti-depressant while on Ultram. It can cause toxic levels of seratonin.
  5. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    My doctor prescribed Ultracet for me & I've been taking Prozac for over 10 years but I was only on the Ultracet, which I think is the same as Ultram, for a few days because it didn’t put a dent in my pain. While I was on it I didn’t have any side effects but once again it was only 1 week.

    I’m on Neurontin now along with the Prozac & I think Neurontin may fall into the same category as Prozac but I’m not 100% sure of that. I’ve been on Neurontin for 3 months now also with no side effects.

    I think the best person to ask is either a pharmacist or psychiatrist. In my case I spoke with my psychiatrist because at one point my pain doctor prescribed me Effexor even though he knew I was on Prozac??? I wouldn’t take the Effexor until I talked to my psychiatrist who said "NO WAY!!!" I’m currently looking for a new pain doctor for the obvious reasons :)

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