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  1. krisiee

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    I know everyone has different reactions to different meds but I was just wondering how many of you gained or lost weight on prozac. I am changing from celexa to prozac due to the fact I have gained 20 lbs since being on celexa. I work in a pharmacy and I know many without fibro who have lost weight on it but I need to know how it affects us, the ones with FM. Thanks! Have a great day
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  2. karen55

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    in the early 90's and I actually lost a few pounds on it. It totally killed my sex drive though. I've been on Paxil for about 3 years with no side effects whatsoever.
  3. Milo83

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    I also took Prozac years ago and actually lost a few pounds in the first couple of weeks of taking it........
    Take Care........Donna
  4. MelG

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    I took Prozac for a three year period in the late 90's. It really seemed to help with depression/anxiety, for me anyway. I also lost about 20 pounds on it. Totally put an end to my sex life though. Orgasm, was close to impossible. I finally had to stop taking it for a number of reasons.

    There is a rare side effect of it causing musculoskeletal pain (sp?). If you have a drug book, look it up. Both Prozac and Lexapro have made me hold my muscles in my neck/shoulders really tight. I constantly have to remind myself to relax the muscles. I don't understand why.

  5. coyote

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    It made me so nauseuos I couldn't eat, and gave me insomnia.
    Did help with depression, but couldn't take it.
  6. Lynncw

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    I was on Prozac several years ago. I felt much better but I too lost my ability to achieve orgasm. I stopped it after about five months because of this and it took almost that long to become orgasmic again. I remember losing a few pounds but nothing significant. (At the time I could have stood to lose about 20 lbs.)
  7. hap

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    I took prozac for several years. I couldn't tell that I gained or lost on it. It is the one drug, however that really helped control the pain of fibro.